The Velveteen Dream Speaks On Accusations, Bayley Bummed

The Velveteen Dream Accusations
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There have been some alarming accusations about former WWE wrestler The Velveteen Dream and now he is breaking his silence. Also, Bayley is bummed with her current position.

The Velveteen Dream Speaks On Accusations

At one time, The Velveteen Dream (real name Patrick Clark) seemed destined for at least a big push in NXT. The hope was he could carry that momentum to the main roster.

The gimmick was a hit with fans, Then, several alarming accusations were made in 2020.

He was accused of inappropriate contact with a minor and grooming upcoming wrestler, Joshua Fuller. He denied everything and WWE looked into the matter.

The end result saw WWE find nothing. Although, there were text leaked online that suggested Dream was at fault.

Meanwhile, WWE seemed to not care as they brought Dream back to TV. Each time he appeared on TV, #FireVelveteenDream would trend like crazy.

Dream is finally speaking about the ordeal to Dishing Drama with Dana Wilkey.

The Velveteen Dream Gives His Side Of The Accusations

“WWE gave me time, trying to distance me from the travesty of it all,” said Dream. “Every time I went on TV, #FireVelveteenDream, it would begin to trend. WWE, in the middle of cancel culture, found itself at a loss.”

“Money talks and they have shareholders. Even if they found me to be innocent, now, I’m affecting the bottom line, at least the bottom line they have with me. It cost me my career, it cost me a chance to not only continue a dream.”

“It was horrible. As soon as I got fired, the air cleared. Everyone deleted their messages, everyone deleted their vlogs.” 

“No one had any nasty, rude hateful messages to send. All that stuff just stopped.” 

“It was as if the job got done and now we can all live our lives, except for the guy playing Velveteen Dream, me. That’s what it cost me.”

In the end, WWE eventually released The Velveteen Dream. Since then, he has not been appearing at any Indy shows as most promotions look to stay away from him.

Bayley Bummed

The Velveteen Dream Accusations

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During the  ThunderDome era, Bayley really shined. Unfortunately, her momentum came to an abrupt end last year.

During mandatory training at the WWE Performance Center, Bayley injured her knee. She is slated to miss nine months, but will be back soon.

There was some hope she would be a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble. Well, that did not happen and WWE is moving into big programs.

SmackDown is busy with Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair’s new feud. As for RAW, Becky Lynch must now deal with Lita.

The WWE Hall of Famer’s surprise feud seemed to upset Bayley. Basically, she just wants to share a ring with her idols.

If Lita fails to win the title from Lynch, then things could get interesting. There have been rumors that Bayley might be able to squeeze into the title program come WrestleMania 38.

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