Who Got Ken Kennedy Fired?

Back in the early parts of his time, he was as hot as LA Knight...and then he wasn't...so who got Ken Kennedy fired?

Who Got Ken Kennedy Fired
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Back in the early parts of his time, he was as hot as LA Knight…and then he wasn’t…so who got Ken Kennedy fired?

The former Money In The Bank winner, better known in WWE as Mr. Kennedy and elsewhere by his real name of Ken Anderson, lasted a mere four years with the company.

His rise was initially meteoric, but he crashed and burned and here we are.

If you did not know, Mr. Kennedy was the third winner of the Money In The Bank briefcase.

He also made history as the first person to not cash in the briefcase, as opposed to those who cashed in but failed.

Who Got Ken Kennedy Fired
source: @bukamania89, twitter, screenshot

His time with the briefcase was an interesting one. While so many cash-ins have involved taking advantage of a weakened opponent, his was more of an attempted called shot.

Specifically, he wanted to main event the following year’s WrestleMania.

However, the injury bug bit him, and initial reports sounded like it was a major triceps injury that would keep him from following through on his goal.

With that in mind, WWE pivoted, Edge won the briefcase from Kennedy, and the rest is…history.

The kicker, of course, is that the major injury wound up being…not so major.

Not long after that, things fell apart and he was no longer with WWE. So…

Who Got Ken Kennedy Fired?

The official story of the straw that broke the camel’s back? There was a massive, Superstar-studded tag match on RAW, featuring among others, Kennedy and Randy Orton.

Kennedy delivered a move to Orton that the Viper was livid about, and that was the beginning of the end.

Superstars complained, and not long after, the former MITB winner was gone.

When Kennedy was asked, he was blunt about who and why.

He got himself fired, saying in fact that he would have fired himself. And this is something he’s said he has since talked to Orton about, holding nothing against the master of the RKO.

Reading the interview, it certainly sounds like there was some bitterness to how the briefcase experience went down for him, especially over the mis-diagnosed triceps injury.

Who Got Ken Kennedy Fired
source: @miranda_symeier, twitter, screenshot

But, as he recounts, major players in the back had issues with him, and at the time, he was surely more trouble than he was worth.

It may have taken him a while, but at least he owned it.

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