Edge’s WWE Contract Up Soon, Former Talent Making Return

Edge's WWE Contract Up
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Edge lost an “I Quit” match to Finn Balor back in October of this year during the WWE Extreme Rules event. As part of the storyline, he was removed from television. According to a report, Edge’s contract could be up soon.

Edge’s WWE Contract Up Soon

As per Sean Sapp of Fightful, The Rated R Superstar signed a three-year deal with the WWE in 2020. His contract indicated limited dates, which is why he sporadically appeared on TV since splitting from the Judgment Day faction.

The deal was for 25 appearances with five matches each year. Still, whether the information provided was incorrect or the deal was amended, the former WWE champion ended up having 10 matches in 2021, and six already this year.

One company source said the vignettes Edge had this summer was to “buy” some weeks on TV prior to his return. This was to offer some time to “build up” important bouts throughout the rest of 2022, and this did happen with the Priest and Balor matches.

Edge’s WWE Contract Up Soon … But When, Exactly?

It’s unsure when his WWE contract is up exactly, or how many appearances are left. However, if the length reported is correct, then Edge’s deal is up soon.

That is, if it wasn’t frozen due to his injury. However, nothing has been confirmed in this regard.

Edge has hinted at a permanent retirement recently, stating 2023 would be his “last year” in pro wrestling. In fact, he has stated he wants to officially retire in Toronto, Canada, his hometown.

As one talent winds down his time in the WWE, another will make a splashing comeback. More on this story, below.

Former Talent Making Return

Ex-WWE stars have been making comebacks to the company, left, right, and center, now that HHH is leading things. Sounds like yet another former talent is returning to the fold.

Edge's WWE Contract Up

Source: @nodqdotcom, Twitter, Screenshot

During PW Insider Q&A, Mike Johnson reported that Eric Young would be returning to the WWE in January 2023. He notes that he “hasn’t heard” if Young is Uncle Howdy.

However, until Uncle Howdy actually starts performing in the ring, it doesn’t matter who is playing him in the videos. In fact, they could be using anyone in that mask and a Bray Wyatt voice-over.

Still, it’s hard to ignore that SaNITy may not be making a comeback. Especially with Nikki Cross’s recent change in persona.

It’ll be interesting to see what Eric Young does upon his WWE return. Only time will tell.

Eric Young’s Wrestling History

Young established himself in Impact Wrestling, debuting in 2004 and eventually leaving the promotion in 2016. He would officially enter the land of WWE later that year.

Young had a solid run in NXT as part of the SaNITy faction. He even enjoyed a nice NXT Tag Team Championship reign with Alexander Wolfe.

In April 2018, Young was called up to the main roster and drafted to SmackDown. Unfortunately, Eric was a part of the many superstars that were released in April 2020 due to budget cuts from the COVID-19 pandemic.  

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