Could WreslteMania 40 Have A Huge Guest Already
source: @bardistatistics, twitter, screenshot

It’s the biggest show on the calendar, and it’s not until April…but could WrestleMania 40 have a huge guest already?

It sounds crazy to say that out loud when we are barely past the 2023 edition of SummerSlam…but here we are.

That big surprise guest? Well if she has her way…how about Cardi B?

The massive star in the world of music recently shared that…surprise, surprise, she is a pretty big WWE fan.

In a recent interview, the talented artist noted that she grew up a fan of Superstars like Eddie Guerrero and Batista.

What’s more, she’s got eyes for next April’s WrestleMania.


Could WrestleMania 40 Have A Huge Guest Already?

Let’s be real…Cardi B is a massive star in her own part of the musical hemisphere. And, if you have not been paying attention…WWE enjoys having some of those around.

Could WreslteMania 40 Have A Huge Guest Already
source: @bardistatistics, twitter, screenshot

In fact, while she noted she grew up a fan of one current and one eventual Hall of Famer, it was the more recent work of Bad Bunny that has inspired her to pursue her WWE dreams.

So, now that she has spoken them out loud…could we see Cardi B in Philly?

And if so, could she make Bad Bunny proud, or would she be satisfied walking out and popping the crowd at Lincoln Financial Field and having her own WrestleMania moment?

The Showcase of the Immortals is known for massive cameos. Outside of a name like Bad Bunny, we’ve also recently seen Snoop Dog-if we keep things limited to recording artists.

So, just off of those recent examples, having Cardi B in a WWE ring in any capacity? It makes a ton of sense.

Could WrestleMania 40 Already Have A Huge Guest
source: @cardigeneration, twitter, screenshot

Plus, just a few months ago, we heard from two current WWE Superstars who want to see Cardi B (and Megan Thee Stallion) give the women’s division their own Bad Bunny moment.

Could it happen? Yes.

Will it happen? Too soon to tell, but why not?

She wants it…and like other crossover stars WWE has worked with…she would bring plenty of viewers with her.