Could WrestleMania Head To London
source: PeacockTV, app, screenshot

Here’s a bold question, on the heels of a hot Money In The Bank…could WrestleMania head to London?

Now, part of this is coming from John Cena’s surprise appearance at Money In The Bank.

But, there could be a bit more to this, too.

Cena, ever the historian, noted that London had not seen a premium live event in decades.

If we are being pedantic, they’d never hosted a premium live event until Money In The Bank.

Last time they hosted a big show, PPV was still a thing.

Could WrestleMania Head To London
source: PeacockTV, app, screenshot

But, again, it’s semantics.

So as Mr. Hustle, Loyalty, Respect played to the O2 Arena crowd…we ask…

Could WrestleMania Head To London?

Now I said there was more to this.

Fightful reported that there was a survey being taken during media day about locations for a future PLE. Specifically, the survey was asking about SummerSlam.

But, John Cena ramped it up a notch.

Considering how things have been going…it’s worth that discussion.

Overseas fans have shown up at recent events.

Money In The Bank was just the latest.

Looking outside WWE, surely the suits in Stamford are aware that AEW is filling Wembley Stadium for All In later this summer.

Wembley would be a logical choice of venue, should WWE indeed aim for WrestleMania.

The arena, the successor to the host site of SummerSlam in 1988, seats 90,000 for soccer.

I’d imagine in a WrestleMania configuration, accounting for the stage and all, WWE could still get a pretty big crowd.

Considering that the company has run two days of WrestleMania in recent years…could London fill Wembley for two nights of the biggest show of the year?

I would imagine so.

Could WrestleMania Head To London
source: PeacockTV, app, screenshot

Think about it…WWE fans from around the world routinely fly in for WrestleMania week. From SmackDown, the Hall of Fame, both weekend cards and even RAW after…they travel.

Now, put the biggest event for WWE that much closer to them? I have to think fans would eat it up.