5 Matches We Want When Randy Orton Returns
source: @wrestleseeks, twitter, screenshot

The Viper has been off television for the longest stretch of his career, so let us discuss 5 matches for when Randy Orton returns.

If he returns, of course, is the massive caveat.

Orton has been out recovering from a severe injury and subsequent major surgery. Reports have indicated that at least some medical opinions urged him to hang up his boots.

Thus far, the surefire WWE Hall of Famer has been stubborn in insisting his plans to return. How or when that happens remains to be seen, but that won’t stop us from speculating.

So, whenever he does return, if he does return, what feuds do we want to see?

5 Matches For When Randy Orton Returns

5 Matches We Want When Randy Orton Returns
source: @wrestleseeks, twitter, screenshot

Throwing this out, by the way, but a 2024 Royal Rumble would be superb.

That being said, on with the feuds!

Matt Riddle

This one is entirely too easy and obvious, which is why we had to mention it right away.

Before exiting in 2022 with his injury, he was enjoying a remarkable run with Riddle, with the two forming RK-Bro.

WWE put the RAW tag titles on them, and the duo soared in popularity. What had been expected to be a short-lived team went a lot longer.

Orton even said he was having some of the most fun of his entire career.

But, we’ve seen Orton turn so many times…we knew eventually that the once-reluctant partners would feud.

Injuries delayed things, but I suspect this is at the top of the list.

Grayson Waller

This is nothing but a pure wish list item.

However, keeping that in mind, Waller is a rising Superstar, with Orton one of the all-time greats.

The Australian has already worked with some of the biggest names, most recently landing a SmackDown main event with Edge as his blue brand debut.

5 Matches We Want When Randy Orton Returns
source: @graysonwwe, twitter, screenshot

Not too shabby.

Now, if WWE is even remotely thinking of having Waller do a legend-killer type persona, who better to take on than the one who did that best?

Roman Reigns

We’ve seen them go at it before, and something tells me they will surely have some unfinished business.

Not saying we see Orton dethrone the Tribal Chief-that wouldn’t make much sense at all.

But, a heated rivalry would be perfectly fine, and these two Superstars truly do not need to battle for a belt in order to steal the show.

5 Matches We Want When Randy Orton Returns
source: @wrestlingWCC, twitter, screenshot

Bray Wyatt

Almost as obvious as Riddle, but this one is hard to predict.

As of this one being composed in late 2023, Wyatt is also off television due to an undisclosed, but apparently serious health issue (reportedly life threatening at one point).

However, the last time these two met? WrestleMania, in Tampa, with Alexa Bliss and a crispy Fiend.

We talk about unfinished business for Orton and the Bloodline…but there’s surely more in the bank for these two Superstars too.

Cody Rhodes

The American Nightmare was barely back in WWE when Orton checked out due to injury.

These two men are former stablemates and have a long history…though most of that happened a long enough time ago where so many current fans might not even remember it.

But you can be sure these two remember.

It may not be the most awesome program…or maybe it would be. But I would certainly say that this one makes a lot of sense.

And, depending on timing and future plans, could you imagine if this one did involve a championship?

What feud would you most like to see whenever Randy Orton makes his way back?