AEW Grand Slam tickets
Source: @AEW, Youtube, Screenshot

AEW Grand Slam tickets have been on sale for a bit, but they do not seem to be moving well. How many tickets remain before Wednesday’s important show?

AEW Grand Slam Tickets Not Selling Too Great

This Wednesday, AEW will produce another installment of Grand Slam. It has become a yearly tradition in late September for AEW, producing some big moments.

Sting, CM Punk and Kenny Omega and are just some of the big names to appear. Arthur Ashe Stadium out of New York has seen the company draw well.

Although, the current one is apparently not doing so well on the ticket end. Wrestle Tix reports how about 5,800 seats are still available. 

The arena can hold around 12,100 seats, so they might want to change the setup or see if they can sell more tickets. Of course, they could see a nice uptick in AEW Grand Slam tickets move as fans might purchase tickets the day of the event.

Remember, AEW claimed to have sold around 81,000 tickets for All in from England. Although, that number is being disputed and it might be closer to around 72,000 tickets.

AEW Grand Slam tickets
Source: @AEW, Youtube, Screenshot

Regardless, those are impressive numbers for the August pay per view. AEW will look to repeat that feat next year as they return for the same card once again out of Wembley Stadium.

AEW does seem to be struggling a bit one it comes to putting butts in seats. There have been plenty of pictures floating around social media that shows about half of the arenas being empty.

Perhaps, they might want to think about running in smaller venues. ECW pulled the same tactic, which made their shows look packed.

AEW Grand Slam tickets
Source: @AEW, Youtube, Screenshot

So, will AEW Grand Slam tickets see a late boost or are there likely to be some gaps in the attendance?