AEW Morale
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AEW morale is already changing since the promotion made the call to fire CM Punk. But, will the change last or is it just temporary?

AEW Morale Changed Since CM Punk Was Fired

The past two weeks were full of moments for wrestling fans. Some were great, like the massive All In card from England, but there were also some points that left people shaking their head.

Despite being let go by AEW six days ago, CM Punk still has people talking. We heard Tony Khan’s reasoning for the release, but Punk has not commented.

In fact, nobody on the AEW roster has made a public statement about what went down backstage between Punk and Perry. We know they got physical and Khan stated he feared for his own life and those around him.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted how AEW morale is been mostly positive. Punk did have soldiers who were disappointed in how things transpired and others were happy as the environment had become toxic.

“At least three others that we know of were very upset by things,” the report stated. “Many others talked about the backstage atmosphere as if a dark cloud had been lifted over their heads and how much fun it was on the weekend shows.”

AEW Morale
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“But, there is the dichotomy of a fun backstage and increased morale, and the company doing business in this case. Live advances for tickets were generally lower, even for the Collision shows where Punk was advertised.” 

Twice, within 12 months, Punk had heated words for his fellow workers. And, both times saw things gets physical.

No word if Punk will look to continue his pro wrestling career. Maybe, WWE would want him back.

As for Perry, he is still suspended. There is no word on his future or if AEW’s internal committee are still investigating what happened during All In.

AEW Morale
Source: @AEW, Twitter, Screenshot

So, will AEW morale continue to improve without Punk or is it only temporary?