CM Punk WWE Return
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A CM Punk WWE return could actually now happen since he is no longer part of AEW. Although, the WWE wrestlers are mixed if they can work together in peace.

CM Punk WWE Return Causes Mixed Feelings

CM Punk has worked for the two top pro wrestling promotions in the United States. Both times, his departure did not end well. 

A the moment, Punk is not signed to any promotion after being terminated by AEW the day prior to All Out. His release should not come as a major surprise.

Upon learning of Punk’s departure, fans want to know if he will sign anywhere. WWE seems like the only option because they have the money.

Those backstage in WWE have been talking about Punk possibly returning. PW Insider noted the reaction has been mixed.

“[Punk] was an immediate topic of discussion within WWE, especially top talents,” the report stated. “There were some who were adamantly against the idea and didn’t believe it could happen.” 

“But, others who looked at it as a “chance to make big money” We know of one top tier star who was all for it, but it wouldn’t be their call.”

Punk brings chaos and money wherever he goes. It is just a matter of the company not caring.

CM Punk WWE Return
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About a decade ago, Punk left WWE after the Royal Rumble. He was annoyed WWE would not help him medically and he was fired after not showing-up to work.

About eight years passed before he joined AEW. He was suspended twice for backstage fights.

The first one saw him get physical with Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks. Adam Page had already left the arena and was not there to get involved.

Then, Punk and Jack Perry had an interaction right before All In. Details are still vague, but Tony Khan said he felt like his life was in danger.

CM Punk WWE Return
Source: @Bub3m16, Twitter, Screenshot

So, is a CM Punk WWE return actually possible or did he burn that bridge too? In all likelihood, a CM Punk WWE return seem almost impossible.