5 Intriguing Opponents For Brock Lesnar
source: @wrestlingwcc, twitter, screenshot

The Beast is one of the best ever, and while he’s taking some time off, here are 5 intriguing opponents for Brock Lesnar, whenever he returns.

Clearly we’ve seen him work some massively big matches.

His 2023 feud with Cody Rhodes gave us three really entertaining matches, ultimately putting the American Nightmare even more over than before.

Which, for what it’s worth, is something The Beast is incredibly good at, and often it’s overlooked.

We’ve seen Lesnar and Rhodes, and Lesnar and Reigns…Cena and The Rock and on and on.

So, surveying all current WWE Superstars, how about we discuss…

5 Intriguing Opponents For Brock Lesnar
source: @wrestlingwcc, twitter, screenshot

5 Intriguing Opponents For Brock Lesnar

Simply put, these are 5 talents currently signed to WWE, who perhaps we will see Lesnar do battle with in 2024 or beyond.

Because, while he may “only” be a part-time worker, his matches do big business and it’s a fantastic way to put someone on the map if they weren’t already. Or to get someone even more over.


Honestly, we might as well start with an easy one.

At one point, we were being told to expect a GUNTHER/Lesnar clash in early 2023. That in and of itself was pretty interesting, with the Austrian champion in the midst of a record Intercontinental Championship reign.

While we wouldn’t have expected or wanted Lesnar to end that streak, having GUNTHER defend against a former World Champion, and one of the biggest WWE Superstars of all time?

That would have put him on an even more meteoric rise than he already was.

Alas, we did not yet get that encounter. That does not, however, mean that we can’t in 2024.

Imagine the two squaring off at the ’24 Royal Rumble? Could certainly set up a big match down the road.

Matt Riddle

From one that was teased, to one that was basically asked for.

This might shock you, but Matt Riddle is not afraid to speak his mind.

The former UFC fighter made some big bold comments a few years back while he was just starting out with WWE.

The then-NXT Superstar went right out and said he could beat Brock Lesnar.

While Riddle is an accomplished MMA fighter in his own right…I am not sure how well he’d hang with a super heavyweight like The Beast Incarnate.

Still, the possibility of this clash remains, and it’s hard to deny that this one could be really fun.

Bron Breakker

One of two a bit out of left field, we start with former NXT Champion Bron Breakker.

For a while, he was being positioned as a “next big thing” for WWE. He still may be.

Right now, the son of Rick Steiner is polishing his skills in the black and gold brand, biding his time until he is inevitably called up.

5 Intriguing Opponents For Brock Lesnar
source: @rollinsera2023, twitter, screenshot

If you want to make a name for yourself, you go find the biggest, baddest Beast in the yard and call him out.

Not many bigger than Lesnar.

Whether this is something we see at a future Rumble, or on a rare RAW or SmackDown where we have Lesnar in town, it could be epic.

And as I said, one thing Lesnar does incredibly well is put talent over. He sells with the best of them, and if WWE brass truly see Breakker as a future main event fixture, having him knock off Brock to build himself up is a really smart start.

Gable Steveson

Perhaps not nearly out of left field, but also not necessarily the first name you go to, Gable Steveson has been a man who arrived in WWE with immense hype. And pressure.

The Olympic and NCAA champion now calls WWE home, and his signing was a big deal…but that is ancient history now.

His path to becoming a Superstar wasn’t as smooth as he would have liked, but he has finally arrived.

In spite of being drafted to the main roster, Steveson ultimately debuted inside an NXT ring in 2023.

5 Intriguing Opponents For Brock Lesnar
source: @411mania, twitter, screenshot

Steveson went to the University of Minnesota…same as Lesnar.

He arrives to WWE with a really impressive amateur background…just like Lesnar.

Want to have him step up against a true measuring stick…or perhaps have a passing of the torch type moment? Have him wrestle Lesnar.

Damien Priest

I consider this one a wild card.

Damien Priest is one of the top Superstars today, and as of the 2023 Money In The Bank PLE, he is also Senor Money In The Bank.

While holding the briefcase makes you very nearly a champion in waiting (only a few have had failed cash-ins), he’s not there yet.

Even if he cashes in, successfully, he will need to take on some big new challengers.

And again, you can’t find them much bigger or better than Brock Lesnar.

Whether it’s before Priest cashes in, or after, a Lesnar-Priest feud could help establish the leader of the Judgement Day as that big main event Superstar many hope he can be.