Gable Steveson Makes His Huge Decision

Gable Steveson Makes His Huge Decision
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For forever, fans have been waiting for something to happen, and on Tuesday’s edition of NXT, Gable Steveson makes his huge decision.

It has been quite the journey for the NCAA and Olympic Champion.

Once he decided to sign on the dotted line with WWE…the waiting began.

He got plenty of hype after his signing, including a pretty big WrestleMania moment that some Superstars wait their whole career for.

But after that? Outside of a few rare appearances, it’s been pretty quiet for the promising talent.

Until recently.

In the last few months, we’ve seen conflicting reports on Gable’s progress.

Some said that Triple H and others were losing confidence.

Others said no, training was progressing fine and the company was still high on him.

Then perhaps the funniest one? Some said we might not see him for a while…and he showed up shortly after on NXT.

But as fast as he arrived, new whispers were out and about. Specifically, it was confirmed that he could indeed return to the University of Minnesota for another year.

Or, work toward qualifying for and wrestling in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Gable Steveson Makes His Huge Decision
source: @nodqdotcom, twitter, screenshot

So on Tuesday…

Gable Steveson Makes His Huge Decision

And, where I actually expected him to chase gold one more time in Paris, Baron Corbin made his mind up for him.

Corbin, trying to reboot his career in NXT, decided to interrupt things just when the decorated amateur wrestler was going to tell us all his next move.

And, officially? His next move will be a big one, as Gable Steveson is going to debut, in a WWE ring, at NXT’s Great American Bash.

Sunday in Texas, the former Golden Gopher gets his hands on Baron Corbin.

Gable Steveson Makes His Huge Decision
source: @wwenxt, twitter, screenshot

Officially, Steveson was slated to take part in the world championships shortly, which he still may.

While wrestling in NXT is his decision for now, it remains to be seen if amateur or Olympic options are completely off the table.

In this business…never say never, right?

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