Triple H
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Triple H addressed those who criticized SummerSlam for excluding Trish Status against Becky Lynch, which some saw as an exclusion of women.

Triple H Defends Criticism Of Booking SummerSlam 2023

Trish Stratus and Becky Lynch have been feuding for months and it looked like SummerSlam would be the endgame. Then, the match was never booked for the premium live live and instead added to RAW later in the month.

The exclusion left people unhappy. During the SummerSlam press conference, Triple H defended the booking decision.

“I see the women in WWE like I look at the men in WWE,” said Triple H. “They’re talent and it’s irrelevant to me if they’re male or female.”

“There was a lot of banter this week about matches being cut. Nothing was cut, there was no card announced, right? If we don’t have more things in the pocket that can fit in the PLE, I’ve done a terrible job.” 

“Because there’s always an injury waiting around the corner, there’s always a moment that changes everything. If one creative thing changes, it changes the trajectory of everything.” 

“The show was plenty long tonight. If it was anything longer that would have been bad. So, there comes a time when we say, does everything get shorter time, does everything get rushed does everything get hairy, or do we move things around and shift it and give it a bigger spotlight? As a performer for me, I’d rather have the bigger spotlight, that’s how I look at it.”

Triple H
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Despite Trish and Lynch not working the show, they will settle everything when RAW comes from Canada. As for SummerSlam, it ran for fours hours and that was just enough without going overboard. 

The women did compete as Shayna Baszler defeated Ronda Rousey in a MMA Rules Match and Bianca Belair regained the WWE Women’s Championship in a triple threat match. Although, Iyo Sky successfully cashed-in Money in the Bank to win the title to a massive pop.

Triple H
Source: @WhoisVindictive, Twitter, Screenshot

So, was Triple H right to wait on Trish vs Becky?