Triple H Delivers Subtle Dig
source: @reigns_era, twitter, screenshot

The much hyped film is now out, and in it, Triple H delivers subtle dig in the Rhodes documentary.

Subtle is being nice about it, but it could have also been much worse.

Not so subtle would be the approach that Hunter and Shawn Michaels took during the induction of D-Generation X into the WWE Hall of Fame.

During that event, Billy Gunn was present but also an AEW employee by then, and his former DX mates took some very obvious shots at his employer.

All in good fun, perhaps?

Now, with Peacock putting out a Cody Rhodes themed documentary, detailing his career from his first time in WWE up until present day…AEW was going to be talked about.

Like, there’s no getting around the fact that Cody was involved in it and worked there-it’s not like he was some bit player for the promotion.

What wasn’t necessarily expected, was the subtle dig by Triple H as he was being interviewed for a portion of the documentary.

Triple H Delivers Subtle Dig
source: @reigns_era, twitter, screenshot

Triple H Delivers Subtle Dig In Rhodes Documentary

In one sit-down segment, Rhodes was asked about why he left. This is the one segment that the teaser clips have relied heavily on, where Cody says “don’t sensor any of this”.

It is his answer as to why he left AEW, and ever the businessman, he won’t state specifically why, just that it was a personal issue and the various reasons shared online were wrong.

He smartly pivoted to discussing why he came back, noting that he had a chance to chase the first-ever dream he had, of being a WWE World Champion.

And this is where Triple H delivers the dig.

Discussing Cody’s dream, Hunter says (speaking as if he were Cody Rhodes): “I didn’t grow up dreaming of being the champion or face of a secondary promotion”.

Of course Rhodes didn’t grow up dreaming of being AEW Champion…because it didn’t exist. And Hunter’s assertion is, when your dad worked for The WWF, you grow up aiming big.

Not many kids who dream of becoming professional wrestlers dream of “only” becoming champion of a small indy promotion, right?

Though, for a time, I did indeed dream of being an ECW Champion…because counter-culture was cool.

In any case, it was a rare dig at AEW by WWE, calling them secondary. It’s not incorrect, as WWE remains the market leader.

Triple H Delivers Subtle Dig
source:@AJG424, twitter, screenshot

As to Rhodes’ dream? He wants to be the best of the best of the best…and to sit on top of the WWE mountain is how he gets there.

Of course, some fans will always think differently…