Robert Roode
Source: @_PWChronicle, Twitter, Screenshot

Robert Roode, who has been injured, was spotted around the site of tonight’s SummerSlam 2023 card and we have learned what his role be.

Robert Roode Helps Out As WWE Producer For SummerSlam 2023

Robert Roode has not competed in about a year. He has undergone at least one neck surgery, with a few more also taking place not long ago.

Now, Roode was spotted in Detroit earlier in the week. That matters because the city is hosting SummerSlam from there in hours.

PW Insider reports that Robert Roode is there helping out as a producer and will have the same role for Monday’s RAW. Perhaps, Roode is looking into life after competing inside the ring for so long.

With such an injury, Robert Roode could easily miss a year or two. Then, Roode and WWE will have to see if he is cleared to wrestle again. 

Remember, Endeavor has final say nowadays and not Vince McMahon. Therefore, because they like to be careful, Roode might be done in the ring.

Robert Roode
Source: @WONF4W, Twitter, Screenshot

The 47 year old joined WWE late in his year and after a long stint in Impact Wrestling. He won several titles in WWE and floated just below the main event scene.

He was last seen working with Dolph Ziggler. 

Honestly, it feels best if Roode ends that one chapter in his life and finds a role backstage in WWE. When hired and sent to NXT, he was never to go be world champion on the main roster because of his age.

Vince, Triple H and Roode probably all knew this. If you cannot wrestle inside the ring over health concerns, the next big thing is to prepare the generations to follow.

Robert Roode
Source: @_PWChronicle, Twitter, Screenshot

So, should Robert Roode start embracing the idea of a role behind the scenes in WWE or should he go for one final run inside the squared circle?