Is Big E Coming Back To WWE Soon?

It's time for us to ask, one more time...is Big E coming back to WWE soon?

Is Big E Coming Back
Credit: @thecovalenttv, twitter, screenshot

It’s time for us to ask, one more time…is Big E coming back to WWE soon?

Now, this question has probably been asked quite a bit, ever since the former champion suffered a broken neck on live television last year.

To be fair, once the nasty injury was sustained, the immediate concern was not on whether or not Big E could return to action.

Simply, it was whether or not he’d be OK.

After all, we’ve seen athletes-including former WWE Superstars-suffer neck injuries and never be the same again.

In the case of Big E, things have generally offered optimism.

Is Big E Coming Back
source: @thecovalenttv, twitter, screenshot

His recovery has been steady, if a little slower than fans would want.

And with the other two members of New Day off of TV for a variety of reasons, it’s always a good time to ask…

Is Big E Coming Back To WWE Soon?

Fightful asked a WWE source that question ahead of Friday’s SmackDown, and the answer probably won’t be what you were hoping for.

Why SmackDown? Well, injured though he may be, Big E was in attendance in Orlando, though was not seen on television.

So, about that question…

The response? “Don’t hold your breath”.

Still, the injured Superstar sure seems to remain positive…

Fan who have been tuned in to most all of the Superstar’s medical progress reports knew that he couldn’t even be cleared for a prep to return to the ring until he passed the 1 year anniversary of the injury.

Is Big E Coming Back
source: @prowfinesse, twitter, screenshot

That restriction, of course, did not prevent fans from thinking, expecting or hoping that Big E would be a surprise entrant in the 2023 Royal Rumble.

He wasn’t, of course, and it was never even seriously discussed.

Based on the insider feedback, things don’t seem terribly close at the moment.

That, or WWE is holding this one extremely close to the vest for an eventual huge return.

For me, given the severity of the injury and how close things came to having a much worse outcome, I am all for a cautious approach.

As much as having Big E back would be amazing, neck injuries are nothing to mess around with.

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