Vince McMahon Has More Legal Trouble
source: @forbes, twitter, screenshot

The WWE quarterly earnings call dropped a big bit of news-Vince McMahon has more legal troubles.

Not usually what you expect coming out of a typical earnings report, but this is WWE and with McMahon…how much is ever typical?

The chairman of the Stamford based company has had one very eventful and newsworthy last 12 months.

Just over a year ago, McMahon was forced to retire from his company due to a number of allegations, coupled with reports of misuse of company funds to settle complaints against him.

But, as we know, McMahon never went that far away.

Vince McMahon Has More Legal Trouble
source: @forbes, twitter, screenshot

The big boss remained close, clearly plotting his next move.

Late in 2022, he pushed his way back into WWE, explaining that he had to be in charge to navigate a desired sale of the company.

He got his way and was back in charge, and just a few months later, WWE was sold to Endeavor, the parent company of UFC.

And yet…

Vince McMahon Has More Legal Troubles

As reported by a few sites, it was revealed during the recent WWE quarterly financial reporting that McMahon did more than just have spine surgery in July.

Per the documents, Vince McMahon was served with a federal search warrant and federal grand jury subpoena on July 17.

Now, a couple weeks after that happened, little is known about the specifics.

Given there were significant questions about SEC filings surrounding how McMahon paid off his accusers, it is possible that this federal investigation stems from that.

It is also possible that this latest activity represents an entirely new legal trouble for Mr. McMahon, one we’ve yet to hear about.

Given all that we do know, it does seem probable that any new filings would likely tie back to prior legal issues in some way.

Vince McMahon Has More Legal Troubles
source: @crispywrestle, twitter, screenshot

Nick Khan was asked about this new development on the quarterly call, but he had no comment.

For it’s part in all the most recent McMahon messiness, WWE did confirm that it’s own independent investigation into Vince has since concluded, but that should anything new come to light, the company would cooperate.

Stay tuned to see how this one unfolds.