Vince McMahon Spine Surgery
Source: @_PWChronicle. Twitter, Screenshot

Vince McMahon had major spine surgery, which lasted about five hours and was considered intensive. Naturally, people want to know how long he will be out.

Vince McMahon Undergoes Major Spine Surgery

When looking at history, Vince McMahon will get plenty of credit for what pro wrestling looks like today. He took WWE from a local territory and created a global enterprise in the span of a few decades.

Last summer, Vince retired from WWE after it was revealed he made several large cash payments to women to keep them quiet about what occurred. Many thought his time away would not last and they were right.

Earlier in the year, he returned to WWE and rather quickly found himself back on the board. This time, his goal to was to sell the company he made famous.

There were several suiters, but Endeavor made the final purchase. Now, WWE and UFC are overseen with the title, TKO. 

While Vince no longer has a majority of WWE’s shares, he has plenty to remain on the board alongside Nick Khan, Dana White and a few other people.

Vince McMahon Spine Surgery
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Sean Sapp noted that Vince McMahon recently underwent “major spinal surgery.” It was said to have taken place last week and he is now on the road to recovery. The intensive surgery was around five hours.

So, he might not be backstage at WWE for the foreseeable future. Even since returning, Vince continues to make late changes while at a location separate from the venue hosting the show.

At 77 years old, Vince’s body has to be in rough shape. From long hours sitting in meetings to competing inside the ring, it is amazing his body has lasted this long. 

Vince McMahon Spine Surgery
Source: @_PWChronicle. Twitter, Screenshot

So, after such a big spine surgery, how long until Vince becomes a regular again backstage at WWE events?