The Bloodline Angle Is A Scintillating Story That’s Also Been ‘Best For Business’

With The Bloodline, WWE has managed to tell a critically-acclaimed story that’s also a blockbuster hit.

The Bloodline Angle
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The Bloodline angle has ben a major part of WWE for close to three years. When all is said and done, the program will make the company and wrestling stronger.

The Bloodline Angle Is A Scintillating Story That’s Also Been ‘Best For Business’

If professional wrestling truly is all about the money and the miles, then it’s time to acknowledge The Bloodline angle as one of the greatest in history. Not only for the twists and turns it’s provided on our televisions. But because it’s gone the distance… and generated dollars almost every step of the way.

While some fans may be growing weary of the epic title reign by WWE’s chosen one, there’s no doubt that Roman Reigns is everything that any promotion would want as its standard bearer. Yet, despite his size, skill, and movie star good looks, it wasn’t until this angle came along that he truly lived up to both the hope and the hype. 

In the ring, unprecedented occurrences and raucous reactions have permeated this three-year arc. One that’s now led right back to where it started. With the defiance of Jey Uso daring the dominance of Roman Reigns. This time? With not just pride at stake, but the balance of the WWE Universe, in a family feud for the ages.

Absolute storytelling brilliance. Along the way, important side characters like Brock Lesnar, Sami Zayn, and Cody Rhodes have been part of the cast. But in the end, each one turned out to be more of a bit player. Because the most important name – the one at the top of the marquee – was the same as the one at the Head of the Table.

The Bloodline angle has not only fortified Roman Reigns as the industry’s number one superstar today, it’s also elevated the status of almost everyone who comes within the story’s stratosphere.

And while we can all appreciate the art, it’s absolutely pointless if it doesn’t expand your income. So for Triple H, the name of the game (pun intended), is to translate his creative vision for the company into something that shows up in quarterly reports. Because in pro wrestling, popularity means nothing if it doesn’t generate profit.

In the past, the promotion has had performers who may have been appreciated by the fan base, but that didn’t necessarily equate to higher ticket or merchandise sales. So in essence, it’s not enough just to be an attraction to the viewer. You have to be a personal investment.

In this case, it appears that WWE has struck a rare, steady balance between creativity and cash with The Bloodline. With the Undisputed Universal Champion leading the charge, the company continues to draw its largest viewership in years. And while they have also been buoyed by their merger agreement with new parent company Endeavor, profits have skyrocketed at a time when weekly programming has held our collective attention. The company may be printing money right now, but it’s coming alongside a sort of writing renaissance. So, it’s a pretty unique – and, quite frankly, fun – chapter in the company’s lineage.

The Bloodline Angle
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According to their most recent earnings report, World Wrestling Entertainment’s gross profit for the twelve months ending March 31, 2023, was  0.56 Billion dollars, easily on pace to gross in the nine figures for the year. They also had a 2.26% increase year-over-year, as the company continues to find new revenue sources through their established brand.

Meanwhile, The Bloodline angle has been responsible for a resurgence in viewership in the brand’s metaverse. And while many loyal WWE fans may watch the entire show, the segments involving three Samoan siblings, their Tribal Chief, and a pudgy wise man dominate programming. Not just in terms of excitement, but in terms of ratings.

Forbes reported earlier this month that the recent WWE SmackDown broadcast from Madison Square Garden drew 2.375 million viewers, with 875,000 in the 18-49 demographic. That show heavily featured the family’s tribunal against Reigns, but very little in-ring action.

But the fans don’t seem to care. They like more stories mixed in with sports, and they always have. And for what feels like the first time since the late 90s? It feels the Worldwide Leader in Sports Entertainment is exactly where it should be. Clicking on the screen and killing it at the box office.

So, it’s like the perfect script. In more ways than one.

Whether it’s the raucous response they receive or the mountains of merchandise they move, The Bloodline angle provides WWE with a perfect balance. It’s a symbiosis of sorts between the art of storytelling and the art of the deal.

If this had all been just a flash in the pan, that might be one thing. But for perhaps the first time ever, the WWE creative machine has created a massive, over-arching angle that drew interest and dollars concurrently. And after a years-long run, it’s time to realize that we are witnessing something special. Not just creatively, but economically.

No one is sure how long Roman Reigns will hold the gold, or how long The Bloodline will exist in its current, shaky form. But it’s proven to be a blueprint for everything WWE has ever tried to be.

Vince McMahon once famously said about his promotion, “We make movies.”

The Bloodline Angle
Source: @thunderincc, Twitter, Screenshot

Well then, he and WWE should take a bow. Because with The Bloodline angle, they’ve managed to tell a critically-acclaimed story that’s also a blockbuster at the box office.

So, will the Bloodline angle see WWE produce better storylines going forward?

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