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Bill Apter
Source: Sportskeeda WrestleBinge, YouTube, Screenshot Credit: Sportskeeda WrestleBinge on YouTube
With Triple H taking full control of the WWE Hall of Fame, he should choose legendary journalist Bill Apter as a well-deserved inductee
Chris Danger
Chris Danger | SCREENSHOT: DEADLOCK Pro-Wrestling/youtube
Chris Danger went from being an onscreen image in a video game to a real-life wrestler, who recently debuted for Deadlock Pro Wrestling.
WWE icon John Cena | SCREENSHOT: WWE/YouTube
The relationship between the WWE Universe and John Cena has outlined one of the greatest (and most unique) careers of all time.
jade cargill
Source: @Jade_Cargill, Twitter, Screenshot
With Jade Cargill’s arrival in WWE, she makes the perfect foil to rising star and WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley.
Tony Khan
Source: All Elite Wrestling, YouTube, Screenshot
The attempt by Tony Khan to resurrect the ROH brand hasn’t really provided what many fans were hoping for.
Source: AEW, YouTube, Screenshot
With everything on the line – and at his promotion’s biggest event ever – CM Punk took some mighty swings in a LOT of the wrong directions
Paul Heyman on Monday Night RAW | WWE on YouTube
Call him a manager, an advocate, an adviser, or a wise man, but when it’s all said and done – the title Paul Heyman will wear most prominently is ‘game changer’
Source: @WrestlingNewsCo, Twitter, Screenshot
With the fantastic success of All In, will there now be a whirlwind of support for The Show of Shows to take place in the magical confines of Wembley Stadium?
Bray Wyatt
Source: @KhalidM62926885, Twitter, Screenshot
Credited as one of the most innovative minds in sports entertainment, the loss of Bray Wyatt will always leave fans wondering what else he might have created.
Source: @wrestling_mundo, Twitter, Screenshot
With over 80,000 screaming fans watching, AEW can take things to a whole, new level.