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With over 80,000 screaming fans watching, AEW can take things to a whole, new level.

RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW: AEW Stands Poised To Break Historic Barriers With All In

Right here, right now is a big time for AEW. That’s what All Elite Wrestling should be laser-focused on thinking about as they look to change the world. Without a doubt, All In stands poised to leave an indelible image in the annals of history.

That’s because – right here, right now – we as a collective wrestling world stand on the cusp of something we’ve never seen before. no professional wrestling company in America has ever reached this level aside from World Wrestling Entertainment. And to be honest, all the SummerSlams the Royal Rumbles even seem to pale in comparison to what Tony Khan and Company have pulled off.

As AEW heads to Jolly Old England to put on the show of a lifetime, there will likely be great matches and a few huge surprises And while no show in the world can boast the star-studded cast or Hollywood celebrities that WrestleMania features every year, this one is special in its own way.

Firstly, it’s a callback to the lineage of the promotion. This event is obviously named after the original All In – the event that Cody Rhodes literally took as a bet that he couldn’t put 10,000 people on an indie show.

When that event blew expectations away, it pretty much sealed the deal for Tony Khan. A Wrestling Revolution was upon us and he wanted to be the one who bankrolled it steered it and pioneered it.

That’s when the first signs of a revolution began. And while it’s had its losses and its defectors, AEW’s biggest strike will come when it takes the fight to Europe in what will be a true test of its power.

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And while the WWE Wall has had an iron grip on the industry, Tony Khan is going to try and swing a gigantic Sledgehammer to their decades of dominance.

And now? He has. Like him or hate him (and there are many on both sides) Khan has done something now that no other promoter aside from Vince McMahon in the history of North American professional wrestling has ever pulled off.

What will occur on Saturday night is set to be monumental on levels that many may not be aware of inside the ‘wrestling bubble’. All In is not just AEW history. It’s not even wrestling history. It’s modern entertainment history.

In the same vein as WrestleMania 3, and what it meant for Vince McMahon and his promotion in 1987, All In can be the striking blow for Khan & Co. Wembley Stadium can be a 2023 version of the Detroit Silverdome. With the right moment and cameras flashing, AEW can leave an image that will last in the eyes of the pop culture conscience forever… Right here. Right now.

Source: @wrestling_mundo, Twitter, Screenshot

And by Sunday morning? The world will wake up to history.