Could We See Santana And Ortiz
source: @justalyxcentral, twitter, screenshot

Much has been said about this missing duo, but could we see Santana and Ortiz again soon?

And if so…could we see them reunite in AEW?

Considering all that has transpired between them, that is a really big question to ask.

If we’d been asking a year back, it might be a clear and decisive no to the reunion, but things may have thawed there.

As for the return?

Well, Santana has been out of action since tearing up his knee during the 2022 edition of Blood And Guts.

There have been some teaser vignettes shared by the man himself online, to hype for his return...and still we wait.

And now we ask…

Could We See Santana And Ortiz
source: @justalyxcentral, twitter, screenshot

Could We See Santana And Ortiz Again Soon?

According to Fightful, there is a chance this could happen.

Even the reunion part.

While the two former tag team mates had a bit of a falling out, the rift apparently is not irreperable.

Santana has been cleared for a return, so it’s now on AEW to find a reason to bring him back.

Ortiz, per the report, had another indy booking around the time of All In, but has subsequently been removed from that.

The reason given? Pulled due to an AEW scheduling conflict.

Could We See Santana And Ortiz
source: @ladyelliotsk4, twitter, screenshot

As of now, neither man has been announced for the show (not much has).

Considering it is, by the numbers, the largest AEW show ever…perhaps Tony Khan is taking a page out of the old wrestling playbook.

Big shows can be good for big surprises and big returns.

Having Santana and Ortiz appear…and reunite…would be pretty big.

Of course, having one return, and then have the other return to attack his former partner? That could happen too.

Or, we could see none of the above, and maybe we get a return down the road on a future Dynamite or Collision.