Several Surprising Names
Source: @johnreport, Twitter, Screenshot

There were several surprising names backstage at some recent AEW shows. So, who was spotted and why could they be there?

Several Surprising Names Backstage At AEW

Before heading to England for AEW’s All In, the company still had a few shows left in the United States. And, they had a few special guests. 

Sean Sapp noted behind Fightful’s paywall how Summer Rae, CJ Perry and David Arquette were seen backstage. As for why there were several surprising names, that is purely speculation.

First, let us begin with Perry as that one seems a bit obvious. If she does not sound familiar, try Lana; which was her name in WWE.

Perry was likely there as her husband, Miro, is part of the AEW roster. Since Collision debuted, he has started to once again appear frequently on TV.

Since Perry was released by WWE, she has not wrestled once. Her only wrestling appearances are autograph signings. 

Summer Rae departed WWE years ago and has since wrestled a few times. The biggest match was a short return to WWE as part of the 2022 Women’s Royal Rumble Match.

Several Surprising Names
Source: @AllEliteBR, Twitter, Screenshot

Arquette, a former WCW World Heavyweight Champion and actor, could have been there for numerous reasons. Besides visiting, maybe he wanted to wrestle for AEW as he looks to get back on the good side with wrestling fans for how he was booked in WCW.

AEW is known to sign a bunch of talent, even if they do not have room. But, they usually do that when the talent is someone they can see making money for years to come.

I just do not see fans turning in to see Rae or Perry. They might be interested to see what Arquette does, but him appearing on AEW TV might turn people away from the product.

Several Surprising Names
Source: @johnreport, Twitter, Screenshot

So, what do our fans make of the several surprising names backstage at recent AEW show?