Lana To AEW? + The Miz On WWE Plans Since Suffering Injury

Lana AEW
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With Lana no longer part of WWE, Miro is pushing for her to sign with AEW. Also, The Miz provides an update after suffering his first major wrestling injury.

Lana To AEW?

Several days back, WWE continued with another round of roster cuts. While most people were focused on the release of Braun Strowman and Aleister Black, there were other names.

In all likelihood, Strowman and Black will not have trouble finding work. The same could be said for Lana (real name CJ Perry). 

Despite not being the best worker in the ring, she also had the audience’s attention. Either they were booing her like her crazy or chanting her name.

It did not matter whether WWE booked her as a face or heel because she always got a reaction. That is a good indication that another company will sign her.

During AEW Dynamite on Friday, new TNT Champion Miro was cutting a promo. Her made a small remark about attempting to get his wife to sign with AEW.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer went over the promo. It was clear, Miro wants his wife once again by his side.

“Rusev was trying to get her in,” said Meltzer. “You could tell from that promo he’s trying to get her in.”

“You know, more power to him. They had a great act.”

When Can Lana Sign With AEW?

And, they did have a great relationship on TV. The real-life couple was always over in WWE, with chants of “Lana Day” and “Rusev Day.”

For now, Lana will have to sit and wait 90 days before signing anywhere. Tony Khan does not speak to talent until that non-compete clause is up, so she has time to debate her options. 

Even if Lana decides to avoid pro wrestling, there are still plenty of opportunities. She has starred on TV and is very popular on social media. 

The Miz On WWE Plans Since Suffering Injury

Lana AEW Miz Injury

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At WrestleMania Backlash, Damien Priest defeated The Miz in a Lumberjack Match. The twist was the lumberjacks were dressed as zombies since WWE was promoting Army of the Dead.

The entire zombie concept was not mentioned ahead of time and it took attention away from the match. The biggest takeaway was The Miz suffering an injury.

Initial reports stated The Miz could be out of action for around nine months. Then, he surprised many by opening RAW with a Miz TV segment.

He confirmed reports that he was injured. Still, he was there at RAW to help push other storylines.

Forbes spoke to The Miz and he does not plan to be out for nine months. He continued that he will be on RAW every Monday night.

As for a match, he was not as optimistic. He will leave that decision to those with medical degrees.

“That’s for the doctors to decide and figure out,” said The Miz. “But, I feel like a million bucks, and the way my headspace is, I don’t like to be gone long.”

For about 16 years, The Miz has been a member of WWE. The former reality star started out on Tough Enough and eventually became WWE Champion on two occasions.

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