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Sting has competed in every major promotion possible, but Tony Kahn claims his current AEW run is the greatest in his legendary career.

Sting Is Having Greatest Run Of His Career In AEW Says Tony Khan

Somehow, at 64 years old Sting is still wrestling inside a ring. For close to forty years, he has been one of the most popular wrestlers around.

At this point, Sting knows his time competing is finally concluding. It could happen this year or next year. 

In his current AEW stint, he has mostly worked with Darby Allin. They have teamed numerous times and are actually undefeated as a duo.

In a recent conversation with The Chase McCabe Show, Tony Khan went over the legend’s time in AEW. He sees this current AEW run as the greatest of his career.

“When you talk about some of the biggest names in pro wrestling, for me it starts and ends with Sting,” said Khan. “He’s one of the all-time legends. He’s one of my all-time favorites.” 

“Sting is still a huge part of AEW, and one of the greatest things we accomplished was bringing Sting out of retirement. He is still wrestling to this day.”

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“He is undefeated in AEW. In fact, and he’s on the greatest run of his career right now in AEW.”

In a week, Sting and Darby will team at All In against Swerve Strickland and AR Fox. There should be around 80,000 fans present, which will break a bunch of records.

As for a final match, outside of Darby, there seems to be few options. AEW might let the icon make the call who he wrestles in his retirement match, but that will be up to Khan.

Source: @WONF4W, Twitter, Screenshot

His runs in WCW and Impact Wrestling saw him featured as a top face. His time in WWE was not memorable and concluded with him getting injured opposite Seth Rollins.