The Rock: Montez Ford Is “Total Package,” Santana Out Until 2023

The Rock Montez Ford
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According to The Rock, WWE superstar Montez Ford is the total package. Also, following Blood & Guts, Santana will be out until next year.

The Rock: Montez Ford Is “Total Package”

The Street Profits are fan favorites thanks to their comedic antics. At the same times, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins are great wrestlers.

For the most part, we have only seen them wrestle in tag team bouts. Still, they are impressive and that was highlighted at Money in the Bank.

They battled The Usos and lost in controversial fashion. Despite the ending, the match was one of WWE’s best tag matches in recent memory.

At the same time, there has been talk of Ford getting a singles push. There is no word if that would mean The Street Profits would split.

The Rock Sees Something In Montez Ford

Ford even caught the attention of The Rock. When speaking with Entertainment Tonight, The Rock called Ford the total package.

“I love that guy I love his energy, I love his charisma, I love his work ethic, and you know, in the world of pro wrestling, there’s nothing like the world of pro wrestling,” said The Rock. “It’s very unique and it’s also a business.”

“Professional wrestling, WWE, it’s in my blood. It’s my passion, I love it.” 

“So for a guy like him, he’s worked his butt off. And by the way, they all do.”

“Everybody in that locker room, the men, the women, but him in particular, he’s got great athleticism, he’s got the whole package. He’s cool, he’s very cool.”

When The Rock says there is something special, people need to listen. Remember, The Rock went from an unknown wrestler at one point, to being the biggest draw in Hollywood.

Ford has the skills as he continues to amaze and improve each week inside the ring. As for energy, he might have more in his body than most of the roster.

And, his wife also carries the athletic gene. For those unaware, Ford is married to the talented Bianca Belair.

Santana Out Until 2023

The Rock Montez Ford

Source @JustAlyxCentral, Twitter, Screenshot

At the second Blood & Guts Match, it was full of violence. Plenty of blood was spilled and Santana was also injured. 

Santana was not in the match too long before getting hurt. Officials removed him from the match and it continued without his presence.

As for a return, that will not be until the end of winter or early spring 2023. On the “True Gordie” podcast, Chris Jericho described what happened.

“He f—ed up his knee from doing a simple Rock Bottom,” said Jericho. “That’s not on top of a cage, that’s not falling off a cage, that’s not getting hit with a barbed wire bat, or whatever.” 

“It’s doing a wrestling move. And he’s out eight months.”

By the time Santana is ready to return, AEW will likely have found new feuds. Although, some are under the belief Santana is leaving AEW.

He has been dropping cryptic tweets, which got people talking. Also, are reports that he had some sort of falling out with his partner, Ortiz.

In pro wrestling, a basic move can take someone out of action for a lengthy period. Like Jericho said, it does not have to involve a high risk spots to get hurt.

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