Big E WWE Role, Vince McMahon Problem

Following a broken neck, the current Big E - WWE role. And, Vince McMahon being around turned away many possible investors.

Big E - WWE Role
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Following a broken neck, the current Big E WWE role. And, Vince McMahon being around turned away many possible investors.

Big E WWE Role

After nearly a decade on the main roster, Big E finally achieved his dream. He would successfully cash-in his Money in the Bank briefcase and become WWE Champion.

His reign at the top was not top memorable. He secured a few title defenses, before dropping the gold at the only Day 1 pay per view. 

Then, he would return as a member of the New Day. Sadly, tragedy struck during a live episode of SmackDown in March 2022.

Big E took an overhead belly-to-belly suplex from Ridge Holland on the outside. The move saw Big E land on his head and bounce.

The match was stopped and paramedics rushed to his side. He was stretchered out of the arena and before the night ended, we learned Big E broke his neck.

Despite the injury, Big E shared how he had feeling in his body and he was not paralyzed. Still, the injury was over a year ago and there is no sign of him returning inside the squared circle.

In an interview with PopCulture, Big E noted how he has been part of the Next In Line program. Even if not able to wrestle inside a ring, he still wants to remain with WWE and help the next generation of superstars.

“Being able to go to these college campuses and talk to athletes and let them know about WWE and the opportunities here really resonates,” said Big E. “Because I remember being 23 years old [and] a failed football player at Iowa dealing with a bunch of injuries and then trying to figure out [my] entire life.” 

“I really love being involved in that way. I’m sure there will be other ways as well that I can be involved while I’m not in the ring.”

Big E WWE Role Remains Positive

Despite a possible career ending injury, Big E has always remained positive.

As for the rest of New Day, the last year has seen hurdles. Even after briefly capturing NXT gold and Xavier Woods becameKing of the Ring, the stable has hit a roadblock.

None were featured at WrestleMania 39 and Kingston recently suffered a leg injury in a freak accident on SmackDown.

Therefore, it has left Woods as the lone member still wrestling. Even then, he has rarely been featured inside the ring.

What are your Big E WWE role thoughts if he is unable to compete again inside the ring?

Vince McMahon Problem

Big E WWE Role
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There were several huge stories to takeaway from WrestleMania 39, but the biggest news was yet to come. Vince McMahon has been looking to sell WWE since retuning to the company and did so to Endeavor

Now, Endeavor have a majority control of WWE and UFC. Combined, the deal cost Endeavor billions. Still, they have the potential to make quite a bit more in the coming years.

According to Fightful Select, there were plenty of other buyers interested in WWE. Although, they did not want Vince to remain part of WWE and that was a deal breaker.

The report continued how other investors believed WWE would do fine without Vince. Remember, Vince retired for a months and the product seemed better on TV.

Then, Vince quickly made his return with intentions of selling WWE. Even with Endeavor having majority of the shares, Vince still has a decent amount of backstage power.

Already, fans are noticing a change in how the product appeared on TV. And, not in a good way.

While nothing is official, it seems like Vince has begun to making creative changes and fans are noticing.

So, is the Vince McMahon problem affecting WWE?

Could it play a factor in the Big E WWE role going forward?

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