Another AEW Show Coming, Kofi Kingston To Miss WrestleMania

Another AEW Show Coming
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Believe it or not, but another AEW show is coming to your TV screen. Also, Kofi Kingston will likely miss WrestleMania 39.

Another AEW Show Coming

At one time, pro wrestling was on seemingly everyday of the week. That was when WCW and ECW were around.

Then, both companies folded, which left WWE and Impact Wrestling. While Impact Wrestling is still around, they were never close to topping WWE.

In recent years, fans were given an alternative with AEW. After starting hot, AEW has dealt with issues over the past 12 months.

A major problem for AEW is they signed way too many wrestlers. Therefore, many names are left off TV for months.

Well, be prepared for more wrestling to your TV screen. On the Mat Men podcast by Andrew Zarian, he revealed AEW is planning a third show.

AEW and Warner Bros. Discovery are hammering out the final details. An official announcement should be out next month.

Basically, AEW will have another one hour show. Already, they have several shows across TV and YouTube.

Most fans are familiar with Dynamite and Rampage. Also, they air Dark on YouTube, which focuses on lesser known talent looking for their big break.

Plus, AEW: All Access will debut on March 29. The first show will witness the return of Adam Cole after months away due to concussions.

If anyone wanted more wrestling on their screens, they got their wish. Between WWE and AEW, there will be easily over 10 hours each week of pro wresting to watch.

Honestly, that is too much as the product now seems oversaturated.  

Kofi Kingston To Miss WrestleMania


A few years ago, WWE did something fans were waiting for but doubted would happen. They pushed Kofi Kingston into the main event picture.

And, the big payoff was at WrestleMania 35. Kingston defeated Daniel Bryan (now known as Bryan Danielson) to capture the WWE Championship. 

The fans were heavily responsible for Kinston’s big win. #KofiMania was trending for months and WWE finally pulled the trigger to the approval of many fans.

Sadly, he dropped the belts months later to Brock Lesnar in eight seconds. Since then, Kingston has not returned to the main event scene.

Now, it seems he will miss WrestleMania 39. He was injured a few weeks back on SmackDown after Drew McIntyre dove to the outside to takeout several wrestlers.

Kingston hurt his leg and/or ankle in what was called a freak accident. There is no blame on McIntyre for what happened.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted Kingston will miss five weeks of action. Also, that time away from the ring could be extended after doctors take another look.

Still, five weeks would mean he missed the grandest show of the year. On last week’s SmackDown, Xavier Woods took his spot in a match to determine a challenger for the Intercontinental Championship.

At the moment, two thirds of the New Day are out with an injury. Last year, Big E suffered a broken neck during SmackDown. There is no word on when, or if, he will be able to compete again inside a ring.

As for Woods, he seemed destined for a push after winning King of the Ring. Although, WWE quickly phased out that gimmick and he now seems lost without his New Day brothers. 

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