Bryan Danielson Might Miss 3 Big Shows
source: @wwerealone, twitter, screenshot

After suffering an injury at this year’s Forbidden Door, now it seems as though Bryan Danielson might miss 3 big shows for AEW.

Or in other words…the hits, they just keep coming.

It was clear during his highly anticipated match against Kazuchika Okada that the American Dragon suffered an injury.

Following the show, it was revealed that it was a broken forearm, meaning that we saw Danielson finish the match with a single good arm.

Initially, we all did the math for recovery from a broken arm. Figuring a six to eight week timeframe, and an early July break…there was an outside chance of a trip to Wembley.

It did not take long for those plans to be dashed. In the days following Forbidden Door, it was revealed that the broken arm was more substantial than initially feared.

As such, it was going to require more time to heal. Just like that, Bryan Danielson was not going to wrestle at All In.

Bryan Danielson Might Miss 3 Big Shows
source: @wwerealone, twitter, screenshot

But, he’d be back soon after…right?

Maybe not.

Bryan Danielson Might Miss 3 Big Shows

According to the Wrestling Observer, given the significant nature of his break, he may be missing more than just All In.

Following All In are two more pretty important shows on the AEW calendar.

One is a pay-per view, All Out. The other would be the company’s third time running in New York City’s Arthur Ashe Stadium for Grand Slam.

According to Meltzer, there is a good chance that Danielson misses all three shows before he is cleared to return.

To be fair, as was noted even before the second Forbidden Door show, Danielson was working injured.

Injured in pro wrestling can have a lot of meaning…lots of stars get banged up and work through it.

Bryan Danielson Might Miss 3 Big Shows
source: @puroresuflow, twitter, screenshot

Danielson had been working through his own damage, but now with a broken arm, he has a hard stop. It is not impossible to imagine AEW having Bryan miss the time to let more than just the arm heal.

All that said, he’s still finding ways to contribute.