Belief Bryan Danielson's Injury Is Worse
source: @tonyschiavone24, twitter, screenshot

It seems like just the other day that we covered his broken arm, but now there is belief Bryan Danielson’s injury is worse than previously known.

The AEW Star suffered a fractured forearm during his Forbidden Door bout with NJPW talent Okada.

Per reports, the break happened just before Danielson’s fake seizure.

While the move did not sit well with plenty of fans due to his prior medical history, the understanding is it was done so he could figure out if he could finish the match.

In case you missed it, he did indeed finish the match, basically with one arm, and managed to actually get Okada to submit.

Belief Bryan Danielson's Injury Is Worse
source: @tonyschiavone24, twitter, screenshot

That’s a pretty rare happening. It’s made even more impressive that it happened while Bryan Danielson’s arm was pretty busted.

Belief Bryan Danielson’s Injury Is Worse

So, post-Forbidden Door, the word was this was a fractured forearm. Sounds bad, probably doesn’t feel too great, but a hairline fracture, as an example, isn’t the worst news and can heal.

The initial prognosis floating around was six to eight weeks, and I’d speculated that his availability for All In over in London was in jeopardy.

Now…with the belief being that the injury is worse…who knows.

Danielson’s wife shared his x-ray via social media, which was picked up by Wrestling Headlines

I am not a doctor, but what she shared is much less a fracture, and much more a pretty significant break.

Brie confirmed as much by calling it “worse than we thought”.

Belief Bryan Danielson's Injury Is Worse
source: @prowfinesse, twitter, screenshot

Now, what happens next remains to be seen. Given what he does for a living, would this see the American Dragon get himself his own bionic forearm?

Or, considering he was already banged up before Forbidden Door, will he cast up, rest up and let nature do it’s thing…even if it means he can’t wrestle at All In or All Out?

Stay tuned for updates.