Kenny Omega
Source: @Inside_TheRopes, Twitter, Screenshot

The Elite, which includes Kenny Omega, have decided to stick with AEW. But, if Omega signed with WWE, the plan was to place him in the main event.

WWE Wanted Kenny Omega To Be A Main Event Wrestler

We are experiencing a moment in pro wrestling not witnessed since WCW folded. With two top promotions in the United States, a bidding war is once again happening with talent.

WWE has grabbed some big names from AEW, with Cody Rhodes being at the top of that list. And, AEW has signed a bunch of former WWE wrestlers who were either released or their contract ran out.

This week, we learned The Elite will be sticking to AEW. Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks and Adam Page all re-signed.

When making the decision, they made the call together and noted the large money with plenty of downtime.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, they mentioned how WWE wanted to put Kenny Omega towards the top the roster. This would see him work with some of the biggest names in all of the game.

Kenny Omega
Source: @BRWrestling, Twitter, Screenshot

“One person with knowledge of WWE’s interest has noted to us that while Omega was top talent who would have been used as a top guy, in the mix with the likes of Roman Reigns, Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins and Brock Lesnar level guys, that because of long-term physical durability that they believed Rollins as the role of the best in-ring wrestler in the company had more time in that role than Omega would have.”

For now, fans will not see any dream encounters between Omega and Rollins. There is no word on the length of their current deals, but both seem happy where they are. 

Unless AEW goes out of business, there seems to be little chance of Omega appearing on WWE TV. There is a good chance Omega just signed the final contract of his pro wrestling career.

Kenny Omega
Source: @Inside_TheRopes, Twitter, Screenshot

So, did Kenny Omega make the right call by sticking with AEW or did he miss-out on a huge chance in WWE?