Kenny Omega Dodged A Big Injury
source:@aarielsos, twitter, screenshot

As scripted as it may be, wrestlers can still get hurt, and it seems Kenny Omega dodged a big injury recently.

Injuries in pro wrestling happen, just as with any other sport. Getting hurt while taking part in a steel cage match is even more possible, given the nature of the match.

And, on a recent AEW Dynamite, Kenny Omega battled Jon Moxley in a steel cage.

Speaking about the brutal match after the fact…

Kenny Omega Dodged A Big Injury

Kenny Omega Dodged A Big Injury
source:@aarielsos, twitter, screenshot

That analysis comes via Omega himself.

Speaking to Muscle & Fitness, the Big Bout Machine believes that luck was on his side during one particular spot.

After executing a V-Trigger on Mox, Omega found himself going through the cage.

Amidst the chaos, and given the speed and impact, as well as the (probably?) unexpected cage break…Omega dodged a big injury.

If indeed the cage breaking was not at all planned (and we’ve seen plenty of cages breaking open that were indeed planned), then luck truly was on the side of Omega.

Discussing the match after the fact, Omega pointed out that he was very fortunate to not sustain some manner of serious leg injury as a result of the incident.

He also noted that he rolled with it, as opposed to doing anything unnatural to his wrestling plans-which could have actually made things worse.

So, you know…he trusted his years of training and experience, and it worked out.

Kenny Omega Dodged A Big Injury
source:@PuroresuFlow, twitter, screenshot

Of course, things didn’t really work out for Omega that night, or even recently.

He was betrayed by Don Callis during the cage match (talk about getting stabbed in the back!) and then at Double or Nothing, things got worse.

Japanese star Takeshita opted to ditch his allegiance to Omega and instead side up with the Blackpool Combat Club.

That move cost The Elite their Anarchy in the Arena match.

But, in spite of broken cages and double crosses, Omega remains one of the best in the world thanks to his excellent conditioning (which is why he was in M&F in the first place).