Another Huge ECW Name
source: @missyhyatt, twitter, screenshot

After we’ve seen RVD and Sabu collect a Khan paycheck…could another huge ECW name head to AEW?

There are, of course, a few wrestlers left out there that have had little to nothing to do with Tony Khan’s hobby.

Some options? Shane Douglas, Tommy Dreamer, Mick Foley, The Sandman…

Douglas has done a good job fading away. Foley is around, as is Dreamer…but what about that hardcore icon himself?


Another Huge ECW Name
source: @missyhyatt, twitter, screenshot

Could Another Huge ECW Name Head To AEW?

I am sure that neither Van Dam nor Sabu was upset with an extra check, however big it may have been.

But for the Sandman? Fightful covered Jim Fullington being asked about appearing for AEW while doing some autograph signing.

Per the man himself, he would be shocked if anyone even had his number because he is now so far removed from the business.

Obviously, happy to still do signings, because to folks like me, he is a staple of our teen and young adult years of watching ECW.

I spent many Saturdays at the corner of Swanson and Ritner at the former ECW Arena, watching him drink beers and swing canes.

Heck, I even played pool with him on one occasion and bumped into him at the Granite Run Mall another (true stories).

I wouldn’t hold it against him (or anyone else) cashing in on one more payday, especially since the money may be better than when he was getting beaten up every night.

But, according to the former Hardcore Hak, he has not been in contact with anyone within AEW. He didn’t say that he wouldn’t appear if asked, but he sounds so far removed from wrestling anymore that he may not want to.

Another Huge ECW Name
source: @realmikeybets, twitter, screenshot

Then again…Tony Khan can write some really big checks, so if it is someone he wants to see in an AEW ring, he’d do what he can to make it happen.

And if he did, how big a check would he have to cut to Metallica to make such an appearance worthwhile?