Superstar Returns To NXT, RVD Talks Working With Triple H

superstar returns to nxt
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In what has been a theme of late, another main roster Superstar returns to NXT to get in on the fun. And WWE Hall of Famer RVD talks about working with Triple H.

Superstar Returns To NXT

Once again, a main roster Superstar returns to NXT.

In what has been a frequent happening for NXT 2.0, another Superstar made his return to the promotion on Tuesday evening.

This time around it was former NXT Superstar Apollo Crews.

It is a notable appearance for Crews, for a couple reasons.

First, no Commander Azeez.

Second…Apollo, long a heel on the main roster, was 100% a babyface, if only for the evening.

Crews was put to work. First he popped in to rub elbows with current NXT Champion Bron Breakker.

superstar returns to nxt

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But then, for the main event, the Superstar returned to the NXT ring as well.

Crews teamed up with Solo Sikoa, taking on the team of Carmelo Hayes and Grayson Waller.

And, the happy-to-be-back Crews got the pinfall win for his team.

Now, as we’ve seen with plenty of other visits, they are over in a short amount of time…so we can suspect this return to NXT will be brief for Apollo Crews too.

But it’s funny, because Apollo flat out acknowledge his first time in NXT ended way too soon.

Makes me wonder if WWE would ever consider doing with Crews, what they did with Finn Balor.

An extended stay in Florida could be a boost to Crews, for sure.

RVD Talks Working With Triple H

Someone who never spent time in NXT…RVD talks about working with Triple H.

More specifically, RVD discussed what frustrated him most about working with Triple H.

The two former Superstars feuded a bit in 2002 and 2003. Nothing like what we see now, with some feuds ending up with a lot of matches.

No, for RVD and Hunter, they worked a total of four matches.

And all four were won by The Game.

superstar returns to nxt

source @411wrestling, twitter, screenshot

There is the source of Rob Van Dam’s frustration.

Out of four matches, RVD could not get a single pin and win over Hunter.

As Van Dam noted on a recent podcast appearance, never being able to defeat Hunter frustrated him.

For as much success as he had-ECW titles, WWE titles and more-a win over Triple H was never in the cards.

And, while RVD still works…Hunter does not. The Game, of course, was forced into full retirement last year, due to a nearly fatal cardiac episode.

Now, speaking of RVD and still working…

One can’t help but notice Riddle has been dropping the 4:20 references quite a bit.

While Riddle is just that irreverent…considering his style, and that he cannot keep a tag partner very long of late…how cool would a short-term team of Riddle and RVD be?

I mean, I can and will dream. I’ve not seen anything anywhere that makes me think that is even remotely possible.

However, Riddle could certainly do far worse for a special guest tag team partner.

Considering it seems that Riddle gets Reigns soon, perhaps Riddle could lean on RVD to chase the Usos later on?

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