WWE Still Making Money Off Keith Lee, Tommy Dreamer’s Suspension

making money keith lee
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Months after his release, WWE is still making money off of Keith Lee…and the former Superstar has had enough. Plus, what will his wrestling life look like once Tommy Dreamer’s suspension wraps up?

WWE Still Making Money Off Keith Lee

The company let him go a while ago, but apparently WWE is still making money off of Keith Lee.

Seems a bit surprising, all things considered.

However, based on Lee’s interaction on social media with a fan…that is indeed the case.

The fan, ever the optimist, noted that they still watch WWE, in hopes of seeing Keith Lee there again.

This was Keith Lee’s response:

Now, in just a few words, it gives us a lot to unpack.

First, it is not the first time the company has ended up cashing in on a former Superstar. However, compared to say, Bray Wyatt?

Keith Lee didn’t seem to be a merchandising juggernaut. So it’s unclear how, or how much, money WWE is still making off of Keith Lee.

making money keith lee

source: custom, @ewrestlingnews twitter screenshot

That said, if WWE is making money off of say, re-airing past Keith Lee-NXT matches? That’s nothing new or noteworthy.

Second, it seems safe to wonder if this is Lee saying he has no intention of returning to WWE.

Granted, he may not now, given his release was not that long ago. He may still have some bad feelings, and considering how weird his last year with WWE was…I don’t blame him.

Still, there aren’t many major wrestling promotions, and for the time being, WWE is one of the biggest.

If the company changed their minds and wanted Keith Lee back? I have to imagine he would at least listen.

Still, for now, he may be gone, but he’s also salty that WWE keeps making money off of Keith Lee.

Tommy Dreamer’s Suspension

Dark Side of the Ring shed new light on the infamous “Plane Ride from Hell”, and with that came new punishment-one item being Tommy Dreamer’s suspension from Impact.

Dreamer received his suspension in September. He was suspended not so much for what was done, but what he said about that.

While WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair was the worst of the worst on that trip, and was the focus of the Vice episode…Dreamer came off badly too.

He was too quick to excuse Flair’s behavior, and based on how things looked, Tommy Dreamer came off like an enabler.

tommy dreamer's suspension

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In a day and age where you can be considered supportive of something if you don’t denounce it…it was a bad look for the ECW legend.

He was suspended from his current role with Impact, and justifiably so.

So, what’s the deal with Tommy Dreamer’s suspension now?

Per Fightful, the suspension has ended. Dreamer was seen at recent Impact tapings.

The report indicated that Dreamer had been around prior to the most recent tapings. In all, his suspension accounted for him missing approximately a month of TV.

For all that he said and did, he should consider himself lucky that was all he missed.