Ace Steel
Source: @TIMWrestling, Twitter, Screenshot

Ace Steel rejoined AEW recently after being suspended for the infamous post-All Out backstage brawl. He’s now involved with AEW Creative, specifically CM Punks’ work. Still, according to a report, he’s “banned” from shows.

Report: Why Ace Steel Is Banned From Shows

According to Fightful Select, while Ace is officially back with AEW, he is now considered an “insurance risk” because of his role in the backstage brawl after All Out. The report reveals he met with Tony Khan to talk about coming back and it was decided he could return.

However, he cannot attend events or go out on the road. His main role is to suggest creative plans for Punk, and periodically have talks with Khan.

In addition, the report reveals that he received backpay for the time he was out of AEW. His deal expires in the fall of 2024, so it was said he can look for work outside AEW once his contract has run out.

Ace Steel
Source: @WrestlePurist, Twitter, Screenshot

Steel’s Wrestling History

Ace was a wrestling performer from about 1991 to 2009, working within the indie circuit, as well as Ring of Honor, and WWE. In November 2019, he signed on as a coach with the WWE.

Sadly, he was furloughed on April 15, 2020, due to COVID-19 pandemic budget cuts. He ended up returning in October of that year.

Ace Steel
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WWE released him in January 2022, and he signed with AEW, shortly after. At the age of 50, he was fired from All Elite Wrestling later that year, after his role in the backstage fight involving him, CM Punk, Kenny Omega, and the Young Bucks.

According to reports, he allegedly threw a chair at Nick Jackson and bit Omega. Therefore, it’s a little understandable as to why he can’t go on the road and is considered an “insurance” risk.