AEW Fires Ace Steel, Hangman Page Injury Update

aew fires ace steel
Credit: @jdfromny206, twitter, screenshot

In what was a long time coming and expected no matter what, AEW fires Ace Steel. Plus, after a scary bump on Dynamite, we have a Hangman Page injury update.

AEW Fires Ace Steel

To the surprise of no one, AEW fires Ace Steel.

That news was discussed by a number of outlets, with the Observer noting the happening on Tuesday.

Perhaps it isn’t exactly a firing, but given what happened, it should likely have been.

To be fair, there was a buzz even before the All Out brawl that AEW would be parting ways with him.

Now, that is effectively what happened.

Whether AEW fires Ace Steel, or his contract expired, or the sides agreed to mutually part ways….it does not much matter.

aew fires ace steel

source: @jdfromny206, twitter, screenshot

In the bigger scheme of things, the move with Steel could be a harbinger of things to come.

Thus far, outside of the suspensions, there has been very little relating to those involved in the fracas after All Out.

Steel represents the first one involved to have anything happen.

It was not made clear if this was just happening regardless, or if his exit means the investigation is far enough along that AEW could let him go and not introduce legal issues.

Given what has happened, it seems likely that AEW was smart enough to cover them legally.

And, if that true, then perhaps we will see updates on CM Punk, Kenny Omega, the Bucks and others soon.

Stay tuned to see if any other shoe is about to drop.

Hangman Page Injury Update

If you watched it live, you witnessed a scary bump at the end of the show…and now we have a bit of a Hangman Page injury update.

For those who missed it, here’s a synopsis.

And, here is the formal notice from AEW:

Concussions are never a good thing. Some can be worse than others, and the lingering effects are no joke.

aew fires ace steel

source: @anjan_pn, twitter, screenshot

Many pro athletes have suffered concussions and never made a full recovery. These have ended careers prematurely.

Seeing Page knocked out, requiring a stretcher? That was scary and PWInsider confirmed it was 100% not planned. 

The AEW press release after the fact confirms the severity of it. Fans took to social media to share their best wishes for a genuinely well respected performer.

We all wish Adam Page a quick and full recovery.

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