Did CM Punk Clash With Another Star
source: @cosk151, twitter, screenshot

It’s another day, and another report has us asking…did CM Punk clash with another star?

We’ve heard-sometimes conflicting-reports of issues between CM Punk and quite a few names that are not part of The Elite.

One might be Elite-adjacent, but the rest come as interesting names for sure.

We’ve heard that Punk confronted Ryan Nemeth, and the young star’s post calling Punk soft.

Punk got himself in some hot water for a post-Collision promo taking shots at Adam Page.

For those, Punk has reportedly apologized to the former world champion.

There have also been reports that Matt Hardy and Christopher Daniels have been kept away from Collision.

In other words…lots of drama surrounding the man at the center of last year’s All Out brawl.

So now we ask…

Did CM Punk Clash With Another Star
source: @cosk151, twitter, screenshot

Did CM Punk Clash With Another Star?

According to reports, yes he did…but of all the reports coming out, this one actually might be a good one.

Per Fightful, Punk had a confrontation with Jack Perry on a recent Collision.

Perry wanted to make use of real glass in a back stage segment, and multiple members of AEW staff had told him no.

Finally, the veteran “voice of reason” CM Punk stepped in and told him no as well.

According to the report, Perry had a bit of a tantrum over this. It was also believed that this incident directly contributed to the memo distributed shortly after.

That memo directed talent that certain moves could not be used without clearance from specific coaches or staff.

Did CM Punk Clash With Another Star
source: @itstomscustoms, twitter, screenshot

While I can understand a star wanting to do what they want to do for the sake of a feud…this is one call that Punk absolutely got right.

Others in the back confirmed the interaction and largely supported CM Punk’s stance on this one.

So, he’s got a lot of bad press lately…but this is one he got right.