CM Punk Doing Damage Control
source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

With his name in the news a lot lately, and not always for good reasons…is CM Punk doing damage control?

it sure seems like that, but let’s set the table on how we got to that point.

With his injury healed and the burned bridges perhaps as mended as can be, Punk made his AEW return and Collision debut not that long ago.

In the aftermath of last year’s All Out brawl and subsequent fallout, many were curious to see how things would go, assuming all involved would be remaining with AEW.

Thus far, the major players have stayed, with a few even inking new extensions.

However, with Punk the last of those involved to return, he finds himself on the brand new show, keeping him away from Wednesdays, Dynamite and The Elite.

In spite of those great lengths to keep things calm and the two sides as far apart as possible, drama is still swirling.

Now…it seems…is

CM Punk Doing Damage Control
source: @wrestlepurists, twitter, screenshot

CM Punk Doing Damage Control?

According to a couple reports, yes.

Over the weekend, a few not-so-great news bits came out about Punk and his activities.

First, we had heard that Ryan Nemeth and Punk had a confrontation at Collision and then Nemeth was sent home.

Since then, we’ve heard that Nemeth was not the only one.

Things were capped off with a post-Collision promo being cut by the straight edge star on one Adam Page.

It was not a flattering promo.

However, according to the Observer, those close to Punk are doing what they can to refute the reports that he had anyone sent home.

His people insist that he was not involved, but there are still folks within AEW who don’t buy that.

As for the comments about Page, there’s a few wrinkles to it.

Apparently, there is a formal arrangement that neither Punk nor The Elite will publicly bash the other. However, Page was not covered by that, leading to Saturday’s comments.

CM Punk Doing Damage Control
source: @nodqdotcom, twitter, screenshot

However, Per Nick Hausman, what was said was not delivered as Punk had intended, and he has since apologized via text to Page.

Per that report, the texted apology was confirmed by both sides of the story, so there is that.

Tony Khan might love his Chicago star…but at some point, the drama will get to be too much.