AEW Star Sent Home From Collision
source: @superfanaew, twitter, screenshot

Saturday is the night for CM Punk and a certain new show, and now one AEW Star sent home from Collision may be the latest drama following the Chicago talent.

Punk has been a bit of a drama magnet, at least over the last year and change in AEW.

Actually…he had quite a bit while in WWE too, didn’t he?

So, not only might there be some new drama from the recent episode of Collision…it seems to involve someone who is frequently on episodes of Being The Elite.

Yes, the same group that Punk had a massive clash with about a year ago. In the fallout from that All Out Brawl, several big stars found themselves suspended for long periods of time.

Of course, at this point, not only is everyone back from suspensions, but a few who did get unplanned vacations? They just got themselves nice extensions.

But enough on that…lets talk about…

AEW Star Sent Home From Collision

According to Fightful, Ryan Nemeth was sent home from Saturday’s episode of Collision.

AEW Star Sent Home From Collision
source: @superfanaew, twitter, screenshot

Nemeth, the brother of missing-in-action WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler, has been on Being The Elite quite a bit.

So, it is not hard to guess who he’s friendly with, and who he has likely sided with.

And…that certainly probably does not sit well with Punk. Or, it won’t help things.

So, Nemeth-not the most well-known AEW talent-was booked and flown in for Collision…only to be sent home.

For the time being, this does not look great, considering Collision is a show Punk is said to have a lot to do with.

But, to be fair, we may find out in time that it was a mix up and had nothing to do with any lingering bad blood between Punk and anyone associated with The Elite.

Still, Nemeth did not hold back his feelings on the straight edge wrestler, with his comment on the day of Punk’s return calling him “literally the softest man alive”.

AEW Star Sent Home From Collision
source: @wrestlingnewsco, twitter, screenshot

It will be interesting to see if there is more to come out of this, or if it is much ado about nothing.