CM Punk
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CM Punk and The Elite (“Hangman” Adam Page, Kenny Omega, and The Young Bucks’ Nick and Matt Jackson) are back in the news! Punk recently cut a “shoot” promo on Page after AEW’s Collision this past Saturday, leaving fans buzzing. With that being said, a new report states that while one side wants to talk things out, the other does not.

CM Punk Open For A Chat, The Elite Is Not

According to Fighful Select’s Sean Ross Sapp, the former AEW Champion has claimed to people that he wants to have a sit-down chat with Omega, Page, and the Jackson brothers. However, The Elite refuses to.

The Fightful report reveals that Page continually tries to avoid the situation with his former onscreen rival. He also hasn’t been interested in working with him over the last year.

Sounds like the Saturday promo has made things worse. Those who side with Page state that the promo was “not a work”, and believe the Collision star is trying to work an angle.

CM Punk
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Unfortunately, these issues between The Elite and the Collision star date all the way back to All Out 2022. This was when he ripped into all members of The Elite during a post-event media conference and then ended up having a backstage brawl with Omega and The Bucks.

Punk, The Bucks, and Omega (among others) were suspended from AEW. Omega and The Young Bucks returned to the promotion in April of this year.

The Elite
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Meanwhile, the former WWE star came back in June, when he debuted on the new Collision brand. By working on the Saturday show, he was separated from those talents who didn’t want to work with him.

Unfortunately, the issues between the former AEW Champion and those who didn’t like him further deteriorated after his return promo and interview with ESPN. The “shoot” promo on Page this past Saturday doesn’t make things better, and The Elite have stated that situations like this make them want to “distance” themselves more.