Will Friday Be Edge's Final Match
source: @wrestlefeatures, twitter, screenshot

Given some past comments and the big setup…will Friday be Edge’s final match?

This Friday’s show is being billed as a celebration of Edge’s 25 year WWE career.

It has been a unique run, with many very successful phases…and a sad middle part.

The neck injury cost Edge a big chunk of time, but it ultimately just paused his Hall of Fame career.

With that said, during an on-air interview in 2022, the WWE Superstar commented about his career winding down.

He noted that it would be surreal to wrap up his in ring run with a final match in front of his home fans in Toronto.

Well, guess where Friday’s SmackDown is?

Will Friday Be Edge's Final Match
source: @wrestlefeatures, twitter, screenshot

When cutting the promo last year, it was this SmackDown that Edge had in mind.

And, while we knew the Rated R Superstar was back for the August 18 show, we did not expect him in Calgary last Friday.

His appearance there set up a big match against Sheamus for the celebratory show…and now we ask…

Will Friday Be Edge’s Final Match?

Given his comments last year…maybe. Edge himself did what he could to put the genie back in the bottle in more recent interviews, noting only that when he does retire, the last match is happening in Canada.

He has also said he would do all he could to avoid billing it as a retirement match.

Something more subtle may suit him. Wrestle, then unexpectedly leave his boots in the ring, if you will.

According to the Wrestling Observer, however, they believe that Edge’s long-time trainer has confirmed that Friday will be his final match.

We all know that athletes and their trainers can be very tight, and a trainer is likely going to know a lot about that person’s future plans. So there could be some truth to the suggestion.

However, outside of that, we just don’t know. If Edge really wants it over with little to no fanfare…he’s sticking to that plan.

Will Friday Be Edge's Final Match
source: @wrestlingnewsco, twitter, screenshot

Of course, in a world where we’ve seen retirements for Superstars never stick, or to be used as crazy good angles? We will always be suspicious until we have no reason to be.

Though, if it is his last match, he is finally getting a match with someone he’s shared a locker room with for much of his career…and going out with a really epic new t-shirt.