LA Knight Gimmick
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One of the hottest superstars right now not in the main event is preparing for a change as WWE wants to make an adjustment to the LA Knight gimmick.

LA Knight Gimmick Set To Undergo Change

When LA Knight won the Impact World Championship, many fans did not know him. Those who watch Impact Wrestling frequently might disagree. 

After departing Impact Wrestling, LA Knight joined WWE and was sent to NXT. He did not spend too much time there before being promoted to the main roster.

Upon arriving to the main roster, he created the Maximum Male Models with Mace and Mansoor. Also, LA Knight’s name was changed to Max Dupri as he would serve as their manager.

The pairing did not last long as WWE introduced Maxxine Dupri, who is the storyline brother of LA Knight. After she took over the services of Mace and Manor, LA Knight was removed from the picture. Before departing, LA Knight did mange to attack the Maximum Male Models.

Now going back to his old gimmick, fans jumped behind him. They love his work on the mic and he is decent inside the ring as well.

LA Knight Gimmick
Source: @wrestlelamia, Twitter, Screenshot

BWE, which is pretty good for breaking stories, noted how a LA Knight gimmick change is planned. It will see him go from heel to face. Honestly, with the reaction the last few months, it is surprising WWE did not make the change sooner.

Earlier in the month, LA Knight was the betting favorite to win Money in the Bank and fans dug-it. Of course, Damian Priest left with the briefcase.

At 41 years old, WWE has a small window to make LA Knight champion. Even without the belt, he is over than almost everyone else on WWE’s roster.

LA Knight Gimmick
Source: @wrestlelamia, Twitter, Screenshot

So, will a LA Knight gimmick change be what he needs to become a main event player?