Huge Decision For Damian Priest Looms

After how things went down at Saturday's Money In The Bank, a huge decision for Damian Priest looms large.

Huge Decision For Damian Priest
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After how things went down at Saturday’s Money In The Bank, a huge decision for Damian Priest looms large.

How and why a huge decision is staring him in the face?

Well, spoiler alert…Damian Priest is Senor Money In The Bank 2023.

Priest beat out LA Knight, the crowd favorite, to claim the briefcase.

We saw a little tease during the only world title match for the men, with Priest ringside for Rollins and Balor.

That move might lead to renewed tension within Judgement Day, but that is secondary.

Right now…

Huge Decision For Damian Priest Looms

The man with the briefcase himself listed his options shortly after winning the coveted prize.

He could chase the US or Intercontinental titles, for sure.

Or, he could go after the World Heavyweight Championship.

Huge Decision For Damian Priest
source: PeacockTV, app, screenshot

Last but certainly not least, the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

So, it’s a huge decision…what would I think Priest should do?

Right off the jump, there should be zero thought given to either of the mid-card titles.

2022 was an anomaly, because there was at that time only one big champion, he wasn’t working a lot and he wasn’t losing.

Option 1 : The RAW Champion

Right now, this would be a fight with Seth Rollins.

We’d already seen Priest say he wouldn’t cash in on Finn Balor…but would he have?

I could see this happening. A cash-in on Rollins (or whomever holds it) would keep Judgement Day on RAW.

Unless WWE wants to break the group up, my money is on a WHC cash-in…eventually.

Option 2 : The Tribal Chief

In spite of how Money In The Bank ended on Saturday, I don’t know that I am willing to bet that Reigns’ title run comes to an end really soon.


Still, nothing against that briefcase…but I feel like ending such a history run with a gimmick like a briefcase cash-in? Not how this one ends.

But…could we see Priest cash-in right after the reign does end?

I mean, at the end of the Bloodline Civil War, Reigns was ripe for the picking. And yet, not even a tease of a cash-in.

Why? I’d imagine there’s a lot of respect for the significance of the match, the first pinfall loss for Reigns in several years, and so on.

But…would a cash-in break up the party for whomever dethrones the Tribal Chief, if it happens in the next year?

Maybe…but considering we know WWE is happy with the Judgement Day…I can’t see them breaking the group up over a cash-in.

However…this is why I can’t discount this idea. For the last several years, the Bloodline dominated WWE.

The Judgement Day has been around a bit now too…and while they’ve been good, they have not been quite as good.

Could they achieve that next level of dominance by having Priest cash in on Roman Reigns? Would that officially put the Bloodline down and elevate Judgement Day?

I have to think it would…but other ways could too.

One thing is for sure, the significance of what Priest does with that briefcase cannot be understated, I don’t think.

For one, the first-time winner, never a world champion, has truly arrived. I cannot imagine his being a failed cash-in.

Rather, I expect his eventual successful cash-in to mark his ascension to the top tier of WWE Superstars.

Huge Decision For Damian Priest
source: PeacockTV, app, screenshot

He’s been a top guy for a while, and worked phenomenal matches with such unique names like Bad Bunny.

Claiming the case is a reward for all of that and more…and the reward could be many future title reigns.

WWE can always use new big Superstars…Damien Priest, huge decision or not, just locked himself in as one.

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