WWE Pondering
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The land of the WWE is ever-changing. Superstars are hired, fired, and sometimes leave on their own accord. As per a new report, the company is pondering the idea to repackage a tag team on Monday Night RAW.

WWE May Repackage Mace & Mansoor

According to a Fightful Select report, Mansoor (mån.sôör) and Mace (ma.çé) might be getting another repackage. Details about their new creative direction were not provided.

This could explain why they haven’t been seen on television as of late. With that being said, the two haven’t had the easiest go while on the main roster.

They were originally managed by Max Dupri, as Vince McMahon didn’t see LA Knight as a wrestler. When his gimmick and name were changed (as HHH saw him as a possible superstar), they were placed with Dupri’s “sister”, Maxxine Dupri.

WWE Pondering
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She’s since joined Otis and Chad Gable in the Alpha Academy. This has left Mansoor and Mace with no manager and no direction.

Vince McMahon Was Once A Fan Of The Tag Team

Fightful’s report reveals that VKM originally was high on Mace and Mansoor, as well as their Maximum Male Models persona. However, Vince didn’t want them to be flamboyant.

Once Triple H came in and took charge of creative, this changed for their gimmick. Still, now that McMahon is back and dipping into the company’s creative decisions, this meant less television time for the talents.

WWE Pondering
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If the two are repackaged, this wouldn’t be the first time either of them has gone down that road. Mansoor was a babyface, scrappy character, while Mace was part of the short-lived stable, Retribution, and once went by Dio Maddin.

Mansoor entered the WWE in 2018 as one of the talents scouted from Saudi Arabia, during the Greatest Royal Rumble that year. Meanwhile, Mace was signed to the company in 2016, and debuted at an NXT live event, later that year.