A Big London Return
source: @crispywrestle, twitter, screenshot

With some big Superstars on the sideline, and a big event approaching…will we have a big London return?

International shows can do big business. Fans in the UK prove this any chance they get.

2022’s Clash At The Castle was a superb premium live event, and it just made fans scream louder for the United Kingdom to get another one sooner than later.

And, as a result, WWE assigned the Money In The Bank premium live event to London for 2023.

Don’t freak out, but that event is right around the corner.

With big events come big surprises…and now we’ve been wondering…

Will We Have A Big London Return?

And if we do, there is one specific Superstar in mind.

Drew McIntyre.

A Big London Return
source: @crispywrestle, twitter, screenshot

The Scottish Warrior has been off television for a bit now, with a few attributed reasons.

Some comments had him off television due to a medical reason.

Most comments have him off television in large part due to contract limbo.

McIntyre’s contract is said to be expiring later this year, and the belief is he does not want to return to television without some certainty around his contract.

And his contract status has been murky. Some believe he is as good as gone, but surely there are others who expect him to re-sign.

WWE should be interested, considering the man was vital to making it through the pandemic timeframe. He truly deserves a WWE title run with a crowd, does he not?

Well, with Money In The Bank coming from his backyard…could Drew make a big London return?

Per PWInsider, this has been discussed, but that is about all we know.

A return could happen easily enough, whether he comes back as a face and makes a save, or comes in as a heel to take someone out.

Or, we could have a second year in a row where someone is randomly a late addition to the men’s ladder match.

Not that I liked it when it happened last year…but I think if Adam Pearce strolled out and was like…”but wait, here’s one more Superstar…” the crowd in London might blow the roof off the building.

A Big London Return
source: @adamgoldberg28, twitter, screenshot

With the big event growing closer, we won’t have to wait long to find out.