With Bray Wyatt Expected to Return Soon Can WWE Finally Book Him Properly?

A recent report reveals that Bray Wyatt is finally set to return to the land of the WWE. Will things change, this time around?

Bray Wyatt
Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

A recent report reveals that Bray Wyatt is finally set to return to the land of the WWE. With that being said, the former Champion has always been plagued by terrible booking during his career with the company. Will things change, this time around?

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Bray Wyatt Will Return Just In Time For SummerSlam

Bray Wyatt
Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

According to Xero News, the talent is expected to return soon and will be “on the road” for the 2023 SummerSlam event. This is great news for fans of the superstar, as well as Bo Dallas, as his Uncle Howdy persona will be re-introduced to storyline.

The WWE Universe was looking forward to seeing both brothers dive into a WrestleMania 39 program. Shortly after his arc with LA Knight finished after the 2023 Royal Rumble, there were hints that the Eater of Worlds was going to face Bobby Lashley on the Grandest Stage of Them All.

He began tormenting Lashley in vignettes. However, sadly, things came to an abrupt end.

Reports revealed in the weeks leading up to ‘Mania that Bray Wyatt was dealing with a health issue and would not participate in the event. Disappointing to say the least, especially since the Firefly Fun House host is often an afterthought for the company’s flagship event.

WWE Has Failed With Booking Bray Wyatt In The Past

The WWE Universe was shocked when the former champion was released in July 2021, among the slew of other superstars, due to budget cuts. After all, he was incredibly popular among fans, and a merchandise-selling fiend (pardon, the pun).

His unique character (and character evolution), cryptic promos, and incredible in-ring style have allowed him to organically connect with the WWE audience. He’s undeniably revolutionized the “tweener” concept, as he blurs the lines of good and evil with each persona he presents.

Still, he’s also perfected the art of the vignette and how to capture fans’ attention to sell a story, both inside and outside the ring. This makes it incredibly sad that the WWE has failed with the talent’s booking over the years.

Just when fans believed Bray Wyatt had built up momentum, it often feels as if the rug is pulled right out from under him. That may be because the WWE Creative team doesn’t have the knowledge of how to book a talent that doesn’t fit in the box.

Then again, it could be that Vince McMahon resents the fact that Wyatt didn’t fit into the proverbial box but is still wildly popular. Despite this, he still has accomplished a lot in the company over the years.

He’s not only a former WWE Champion and Universal Champion, but also a Tag Titleholder. But there’s still so much more he can do.

Bray Wyatt’s Recent Return Lacked Luster

Bray Wyatt
Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

After Vincent Kennedy McMahon “retired” in June 2022, and HHH was given the reigns to creative, Triple H decided to bring back some superstars that were released. One of them was Bray Wyatt, much to the delight of many.

In typical fashion for the superstar, there was a massive cryptic “white rabbit” storyline launched leading up to the 2022 Extreme Rules event. Fans were questioning who was behind it, and there was wild speculation that it was indeed the cult leader.

The imagery, QR codes, and riddles left the WWE Universe in awe with anticipation. At the closing of Extreme Rules, the superstar and his Firefly Fun House friends exposed themselves.

At the end of the day, Bray cut some incredible promos, in what seemed like his “real-life” personality. Adding Uncle Howdy, plus a flip-floppy Alexa Bliss (obviously flopping back to Bray), to the mix left, and fans were on the edge of their seats.

Unfortunately, though, his five-month return only resulted in one match, and the “Pitch Black” bout at the 2023 Royal Rumble wasn’t all that it should have been. Wyatt disappeared again shortly after the match.

While it’s not his fault his return was short-lived, especially if he’s focusing on his health. However, at the end of the day, Wyatt’s last run did disappoint.

Could It Be Time For A Bray Wyatt Reset?

Bray Wyatt
Source: @WrestlingNewsCo, Twitter, Screenshot

The good news is, Wyatt is on his way back to the WWE, ready to return and dive back into the picture. All the questionTs about him and Uncle Howdy may get answered, and it’ll be interesting to see if he resumes taunting Lashley or picks a brand-new victim for his mind games.

One thing fans know for sure is that Alexa Bliss probably won’t be in the picture. Prior to her hiatus, she seemed to be navigating in Wyatt’s direction, but Little Miss Bliss recently announced her pregnancy with hubby Ryan Cabrera.

Regardless, this return is an opportunity for a reset for Wyatt. Whether he decides to bring back his Fiend character (which has been reported) or stays on the path he was on before he left storylines.

Either way here’s hoping the WWE places him prominently within storylines and gives the superstar the booking he deserves. Perhaps there’s even another high-tier championship run on the horizon or a title race program at the very least.

Still, it’ll be very interesting to see what this next chapter in Wyatt’s WWE story will be. It’ll also be nice to see the role that Uncle Howdy will play when both Rotunda brothers finally get back to doing what they both do best.

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