WWE Fiend
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According to a report, the WWE was not happy with Bray Wyatt’s new persona upon his last return. Looks like The Fiend could make a huge comeback when Wyndham Rotunda re-enters storylines.

The Fiend Is On His Way Back

The WWE Universe was happy to have Bray Wyatt back in the fall of 2022. After all, fans were completely caught off guard when the company released the former champion back in the summer of 2021.

Despite the excitement, Wyatt’s last comeback lacked luster. After all, he only wrestled one match against LA Knight before he disappeared again.

As per a Fight Fans report, the company wasn’t overly happy about how Wyatt’s “Pitch Black” bout went down at the 2023 Royal Rumble. They felt the new masked character wasn’t as good as the Fiend and wouldn’t sell as much merchandise as Bray’s prior persona.

WWE Fiend
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In addition, the report reveals the promotion had been in talks about a possible Fiend return, after the Royal Rumble. Talks stopped for a bit but have picked up within the last two months.

With that being said, the report notes that currently there is no “movement” around a Fiend comeback. Only time will tell.

Bray Wyatt’s Return Is Coming

As per a Xero News report, the 36-year-old talent will be making an in-ring return, soon. Unfortunately, he was not a part of WrestleMania 39 this year due to a hand injury.

However, the good news is that he’ll be back in that squared circle in no time. In addition, he’s expected to be featured in the 2023 SummerSlam event.

WWE Fiend
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According to the report, the storyline between him and Uncle Howdy will resume very soon. While Wyatt has had his ups and downs in the company, he also has made a significant impact.

Over the years he’s been both WWE and Universal Champion and has held the RAW and SmackDown Tag Titles. It’ll be interesting to see what Wyatt accomplishes during his next run.