Ryback contacts the FBI
Source: @theusaprint, Twitter, Screenshot

Ryback contacts the FBI after his life was threatened, which also saw Elon Musk getting dragged into the latest problem for the ex WWE superstar.

Ryback Contacts The FBI Over Online Threats Towards His Life

When it pertains to finding a difficult worker, look no further than Ryback. Even after being released from WWE, which he wanted, Ryback finds plenty of time to talk negative about his former employer.

Most of what he says can be ignored. Some fans do engage with the former WWE wrestler, who ends up usually looking foolish in the matter.

Now, Ryback is taking his latest complaint, about a stalker, to Elon Musk. He did not get any help from the social media platform over someone threatening his life, so now the FBI is getting involved.

On social media, we hear about the ordeal that explains why Ryback contacts the FBI.

“This is why I went ahead and contacted the FBI. This is disgusting @elonmusk @lindayacc @TwitterSupport that you’re willingly allowing behavior like this to one be allowed and two not doing anything about. What kind of world are we living in where you willingly ignore this from someone who has a 12 year history of crazy behavior towards me? 7 years of wrongfully restricting and suppressing my account and now letting death threats slide along with making account after account to harass. Everyone please like and share this, it’s a very serious situation and this is unacceptable.”

Ryback contacts the FBI
Source: @WrestlingNewsCo, Twitter, Screenshot

Hopefully, the situation with the stalker gets resolved. Many wrestlers have dealt with issues and, unfortunately, some people take innocent fun way too far.

In the meantime, Ryback finally won the right to use old ring name again. And, he seems interested in taking part in Goldberg’s final match, but that seems like a massive stretch.

Ryback contacts the FBI
Source: @theusaprint, Twitter, Screenshot

So, since Ryback contacts the FBI, did he make the right call or is he just reaching?