Ted DiBiase Jr. Faces Life In Prison, Insane Ryback Claim

Ted DiBiase Jr. faces life in prison after being charged in a massive welfare scandal. And, an insane Ryback claim is making the rounds.

Ted DiBiase Jr. Faces Life In Prison
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Ted DiBiase Jr. faces life in prison after being charged in a massive welfare scandal. And, an insane Ryback claim is making the rounds.

Ted DiBiase Jr. Faces Life In Prison

Theodore Marvin DiBiase Jr., best known to wrestling fans as Ted DiBiase Jr., is in serious trouble. The Department of Justice Office of Public Affairs announced he has been charged with “with misappropriating millions of dollars in federal safety-net funds intended for needy families and low-income individuals in Mississippi.”

He has been accused of funneling millions of dollars from two charity organizations. The organizations are The Emergency Food Assistance Program and the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Effort.

DiBiase Jr. is said to have used the money to buy a boat, car and make a downpayment on a house. The former WWE superstar has been under scrutiny for several years over the matter.

The story might sound familiar as NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre has been mentioned in the same scandal. Favre has not been charged, but is name is mentioned in the state’s lawsuit.

The state of Mississippi is looking into individuals who funneled away $77 million from programs intended to help needed families.

Ted DiBiase Jr. Faces Life In Prison On Numerous Charges

DiBiase Jr. has been charged with six counts of wire fraud, four counts of money laundering and two counts of theft concerning programs receiving federal funds. The wire fraud charges carry 120 years in prison and 65 years for the other charges.

Last month, his brother, Brett DiBiase pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to defraud the government. As of now, Brett is not expected to testify against his brother.

DiBiase Jr. is the son of of WWE Hall of Famer, Ted Dibiase Sr. He is also know for his nickname “The Million Dollar Man.”

While part of WWE, DiBiase Jr. spent a short time in developmental and then five years on the main roster. He is best known for his run in Legacy, alongside Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton.

After the stable was split, DiBiase Jr. had a brief run with the Million Dollar Championship. That is the same title is father created and used in WWE.

He did little the final two years in WWE and let his contact expire. He officially departed the organization in September 2013.

Upon exiting WWE, he made few pro appearances. 

So, what are our reader’s thoughts now that Ted DiBiase Jr. faces life in prison over a welfare scandal?

Insane Ryback Claim

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Ryback will be remembered as a WWE wrestler and his outlandish comments. He is a prime example of someone who uses social media for all the wrong reasons.

And, to the surprise of nobody, he keeps that trend going. He recently noted on Twitter how the future of pro wrestling relies on him.

On Twitter, Ryback stated:

“The future of pro wrestling relies on one man. One man whom has risen from the ashes to be rebuilt to hurt & destroy anyone who prevents him from saving the future of pro wrestling. The Real Ryback, Coming Soon…”

Ryback started off in WWE as a part of The Nexus. After a bad injury, he was packaged as Ryback.

And, WWE gave him a massive push. He even challenged for the WWE Championship on several occasions, but to no avail.

Plus, he was managed by Paul Heyman for a brief time in his WWE career.

He was buried heavily by CM Punk for being dangerous inside the ring. That statement about being too rough inside the ring is something other wrestlers have also commented on.

Then, when it came time for a new contract, Ryback asked for more than he was worth. Eventually, both sides went their separate ways and he left the promotion.

Since then, Ryback has remained relevant thanks to his outlandish beliefs. As for actual wresting, he has done very little of  that.

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