Braun Strowman Surgery
Source: @WONF4W, Twitter, Screenshot

The early reports following Braun Strowman surgery could see him miss around a year of action inside a WWE ring.

Braun Strowman Surgery Could See Him Miss 1 Year Of Action

Braun Strowman has been off TV lately and we learned that he required surgery. He went under the the knife for neck fusion surgery this past week at he Andrews Sports Medicine Clinic in Birmingham.

Many athletes and wrestlers are known to have surgery at the same place. The doctors focused on his C-4 and C-5 vertebrae.

Now, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted how he could be out for around a year. Therefore, fans might not see Strowman inside a WWE ring until the middle of 2024.

Braun Strowman Surgery
Source: Braun Strowman, Instagram, Screenshot

It sounds like a similar surgery that Randy Orton underwent last year. Unfortunately, Orton has not returned and he has apparently be advised by doctors to retire. Hopefully, with the Braun Strowman surgery, he will be able to get back inside the ring.

The 39 year old is currently in his second run with WWE. He debuted as a member of the Wyatt Family, before heading into singles action.

When Roman Reigns pulled-out of WrestleMania 35, WWE needed to think quick. They had Strowman defeat Bill Goldberg on about 10 days notice to win the Universal Championship.

Then, not longer after signing a new contract, WWE released Strowman in June 2021. He worked a few shows before WWE rehired “The Monster of all Monsters” in September of last year.

He worked briefly against Omos and then began teaming with Ricochet. Both were drafted to RAW a few months ago.

Braun Strowman Surgery
Source: @WONF4W, Twitter, Screenshot

We wish Strowman a safe and speedy recovery. Based off social media, he has remained positive.

So, with the Braun Strowman surgery seeing him out possibly a year, will he be able to return and be inserted back into the main event scene?